So, you can't open 'community flagged' posts after they've been flagged?

Does this not seem ‘abusable’ to anyone knowing just how it has and is being abused in the first place?

It’s more often being used to silence opposing opinions than actually flag anything ‘offensive’.

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its not that big a deal

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It kind of is though…

It adds more power to those who do abuse this method to make things not be put out.

After all, you check summaries and anything flagged ain’t shown… So that’s censoring by the community.

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if you get unhappy with the game stop playing man. the forum is just people going back and forth about the game.

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It is abusable, and the change should be reverted.

I haven’t seen any official response yet, despite a thread about it being deleted, and a couple admins being mentioned in the threads.

What even is this nonsense…

If my point, that is valid, gets flagged by someone who merely dislikes the statement, it gets hidden, encouraging a septic echo chamber by whoever is so petty and dismissive to flag every post someone makes merely because they are that septic.

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You have to take a look at the venue man. You are taking the game as a serious outlet of intellectual discussion and its just not that. Online gaming communities are toxic and groups of people get joy on being toxic. There will always be people to find ways to be annoying an ruin things for others because thats how they have fun. in the end it doesnt matter if the whole game gets together and confirms the sky is purple and the earth is flat and flags everyone who disagrees. Your putting energy into worrying about censorship in a video game forum and its just not that important. If you had a valid point or not at the end of the day your comment being seen, or not being seen will have no effect.

This is the forums, not the game, nor reddit…

ok obviously you just want to argue to argue so have fun with that.

Nothing to do with arguing, you’re just dismissing everything for the sake of it…

If you’ve got nothing to contribute then maybe the forums actually aren’t the place for you.

The fact I said about having these posts being able to be hidden being a really ignorant idea, and you come in to excuse it by saying that players are toxic, is ignorant of the purpose of the forums in the first place.

The overall issue that we can no longer check what was even said to FORM OUR OWN OPINION of what people flagged is abusable.

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ridiculous take

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look at those issues, they also like to use the phrase “not a bug” to negate all requirements.
if the information you provide makes it impossible for them to refute, they will pretend not to see it

To a point… There IS an acceptable situation for that ‘not a bug’ ‘‘reasoning’’ but it should be more direct and pointed out.

It should either be mentioned as to it being a thing ‘accepted’ as being what it currently is, or it is something that is reported elsewhere and in the process of being investigated and fixed.

But yes, look at those issues. My control issue I feel should’ve been fixed yesterday as it messes wih te default controls for planes.