So when are AIM-120s going to be nerfed?

Just a genuine question about when the AIM-120 is going to be nerfed, it is currently stronger than every single other ARH missile in the game, it ignores chaff, notching, going cold, it has incredible energy retention, it can’t be kinematically dodged, and it is overall a pain to deal with. Gaijin needs to either buff all the other ARH missiles (R-77, R-Darter, Derby etc) to AIM-120 level or needs to nerf the AIM-120 to the level of the others. When will this be?


Wrong question. When are the other going to get buffed. No need to remind of the low smoke motor for the 120 and 54 ;)


I don’t care about the low smoke they’re already impossible to see on a low resolution display

No big, red MSL diamond?

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Not in sim, and in the case of realistic, well, doesn’t matter anyway because you’re read either or

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