So What's With WarThunder's Abandoned Arsenal?

So What’s With WarThunder’s Abandoned Arsenal?


So WarThunder has dozens of Vehicles, Layouts, and Mechanics still stuck in its files, some nearly a decade old, that have been simply sitting in the files, models completed, simply waiting for the greenlight.

I’ve dubbed these “The Abandoned Arsenal” (Cheesy, I know, but still fitting.), as some of these models have been sitting in the files for years, nearly forgotten entirely, simply waiting.

A good list for the vehicles and stuff not in game can be found here:

Currently unused vehicles, loadouts and weaponry in the files, 2nd edition, Part 1 : r/Warthunder (

Currently unused vehicles, loadouts and weaponry in the files, 2nd edition, Part 2 : r/Warthunder (

Some examples are:







Spitfire Mk. VII:


Ground Vehicles

Rooikat SAM:


Naval Vehicles


SMS Gneisenau:

Coastal Vehicles



AH-56 Cheyenne:


Some of these vehicles would make great main-star vehicles in a update, and others simply as filler vehicles to pad a update, or as just one-off event vehicles. They shouldn’t be too difficult to implement, seeing as there already modeled and ready to go.

My question simply put, what happened to them?



Good lord what a monstrosity.


This is ingame in Italy.

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Models are the easiest thing to produce of a vehicle for a combat game, they are the objective cheapest aspect.

What could be more costly than the model?
The implementation isn’t as the system/ method of doing that is a repeatable procedure.

The research, animations, functionality code, damage model, etc.

Only because it didn’t enter service - had several hundred been made you’d be lauding it’s advanced features…


Models probably get outsourced to some Indian kid who makes 5000 rupees or something.

Technically the YF2 exists in the form of the P-59 aira-comet, I’d have to assume this is the naval version? I think it’s based on the Yp-59 version if memory serves me right.

I’d love to see that monster of a helicopter though, possibly an event vehicle to grind?

The Maryland is a copy paste of the DB-7, and the welkin is another mosquito as far as I know.

  1. Models are premade.
  2. Research is not like you think. It has time cost but not currency cost.
  3. Animations? Bruh.
  4. Functionality code is, again, repeatable. Hence not a cost.

It absolutely costs money to research things. That’s salary the company could be spending on other things.
You have to be new to creation.

Many of these will come eventually. The C13 T90 is already ingame, the YF2L-1 and the Welkin were datamined as having UHQ textures, and the Stalingrad will likely come purely out of the virtue of it being a big battlecruiser.

No Cheyenne :’(

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I really want the Cheyenne. With the new event cycle it seems very possible.


I will agree on research, on everything else nope.

Anyone who done game dev for any amount of time knows to build systems as reusable parts with tweakable values. No sane dev will build everything from scratch for every single vehicle unless some part is unique for said specific vehicle. But for that you would code in separate script.

Other then that content creation usually involves slapping already existing script onto vehicle, tweaking values, building damage model/collision model and calling it a day of work.

Edit: But even collision meshes can be just taken from retopology from high to low poly model which you have to do anyway for game to not burst into flames the moment it starts.

Some community manager said it costs Gaijin around 10k USD per model iirc

At the very top end perhaps, a lot seems to be made in Russia where the wages are pretty low, also a ton of copy paste going on which require minor changes like T series tanks where you really don’t have to start from scratch either.

And considering they sell vehicles for $70, even at the very top end you only need like 150 sales to make a profit, which they obviously do ten times over.

Good lord is right

I want a m82, sometimes we can’t get what we want