So what's up with naval?

You are welcome to treat this as general discussion topic.

Ive returned to naval side after like 4 months break and tbh I dont seem to see any changes. The unrepairable breech mechanic is still pretty wack, the are barely any new tree additions, namely 3 battleships, no cruisers afaik and barely any interesting destroyers. BRs seem to compress rather than decompress? Like we already had three 6.7 american battleships being straight up upgrades of one another and now there is 5 and add to that two Iron dukes and Yamashiro are also there? Also Fuso class seems to work much better which is kinda funny, since now I feel easily on par with Kronst and with new mechanic disabling scharnhorsts also became much easier. Prinz on 6.0 is just rip.

But dont get me wrong my point is not to whine but to discuss what we can expect (or at least hope for) with upcoming updates. Seems like all “important” premium BBs are here so what will be good step now? What ships can be good for filling lineups and what tweaks should be made for gameplay sake?

Personally I would count on new british battleships, particularly Canada and Queen Elisabeth to be added to 7.0 and 7.3, and also some cold war stuff to finally make appearence in germany and italy. French rework would be nice too, it is laughable they arent any better after like 3 updates.


What did you expect? Gaijn doesn’t care about ships that are poorly made and don’t make money,because no one wants to fix them and that’s why there are no people willing to play,Admiral Hipper on 6.0, as you wrote, it’s a joke, before that, one shot back was enough and the ship exploded,I was counting on Nagato this year but I doubt it will appear because apart from Germany and the imaginary USSR Navy, other nations are weak and boring,Released in Japan BB is masochism I have Mikume and Myoko and I suffer playing it because everything from any distance kills me, even destroyers,I won’t talk about zetsu anymore because I don’t understand why it’s in the game when he has to fight the schernchort,The flooding mechanics are good, but in my opinion it’s done poorly, the ship should have compartments, and not like now, after one hit, 1/3 of the ship floods with water,Personally, I’m not counting on a miracle in the Navy and most likely Gaijn will add Yamato anyway without changing this mode and looking at the balance just to make money on the fact that people will buy premium vehicles to unlock it,There are a lot of nice suggestions on the forum on how to repair ships, but somehow Gaijn ignores them, I don’t understand why add a mode to the game and then ignore it, my English is not good :/


Also they got quite easy to be killed with shell room explosion XD. Gaijin is just makin thing worse

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As previously stated my post is not to whine but to discuss what is possible. I hardly disagree Nagato is what we need right now, I love that ship but adding it now would just increase compression that you seem to be against, so what gives? Also Japan is well already, being the only nation for long time with full and strong 7.0 lineup. Mikuma for me is one of the better cruiser, I have few hundred kills with it and it works like a charm, so I find myoko undertiered.

So you are one those eh. Tbh I think most problems with Kronst/scharn/fuso would be fixed if 7.3 was introduced, that would also help out decompressing 6.7. Of course other countries should get 7.3s as well.

I much agree with all that.

Not counting either but I like to think more calmly.

Interstingly enough for me it used yo be very much a glass cannon but after the revert of water penetration values I find it very survivable and with great potential to ammorack others. I played like 10 battles last few days, scoring 20+ of BBs with ammoracks, decent amount of one shots, and that includes 5 Kronshts. I got ammoracked by ship twice. Even if enemy team was concetrating on me, I still survived quite some time.

maybe you know the answer, guys, why in Tue BB they are often able to survive 3 ammunition magazine explosions and still do not sink, on the contrary, they keep shooting and are often able to repair themselves, such a ship should not disappear after the magazine explosion, especially after 3 or 2 explosions.


maybe difference of matchmaker? Recently I almost always matched up in small maps of Fuego islands domination, Volcanic Islands, Jungles such so always see Kronshtadt and Fuso/Yamashiro constantly blow up because they aren’t angled well or in a range when they got penetrated even they are angled. Or maybe because I usually use Scharnhorst and Cavour, which are quite tanky and fast ships

Hmm maybe. Surely Fuso is less armored than scharn and I dont know much about conte. I mostly played on small or medium maps and havent had a true long distance shootout yet during those few days. I was well angled too and funnily enough the only non-scharn ship I had problems sinking was an angled yamashiro. It took me like 4 or 5 minutes of continous fire to finally knock his crew out.

All the usual criticisms (mostly legitimate) are going to remain until several things happen, all of which have been suggested, begged for, and needed for a very long time.

  1. BR decompression. All of us know that all ships at 7.0 BR are not created equal. There is no way the Scharnhorst and Kronshtadt are equally matched against the Renown and the Conte di Cavour. I fail to see why rank VI was added without expanding the BR levels.

  2. Map size. Naval battles that take place where ships start on top of each other is not compelling gameplay. You’ll run into situations where unwieldy battleships are having to dodge Shimakaze torpedoes within the first couple minutes of the match starting, and where those same battleships can target cruisers at ranges that make for one-shot kills.

  3. Spawns. There are so many maps where ships literally spawn on top of each other. You either have to wait to spawn so as not to pop on top of another ship, or deal with people immediately turning in the spawn and causing a massive traffic jam. Having to fight your own team for position isn’t fun.

  4. The “unrepairable breach” mechanic is an interesting addition, that just doesn’t work right. It really needs attention. It’s inconsistent and not well documented or explained. It also seems to ignore the fact that ships have bulkheads, and most were designed to float with one or more compartments completely flooded, especially those ships with an all or nothing armor scheme.

  5. Ship bugs. There are still several ships with armor holes, ahistorical waterlines due to not having the correct loads, missing shell types, etc.

  6. CAS. It’s still a mess, especially in arcade. It’s far too easy to spawn a plane (free) that can take out several ships without any good ways to take them down. The SKR-7/PE-8 combo is especially egregious, and the F-84 that is almost unkillable while able to perform multiple bombing runs that can destroy several player ships or almost singlehandedly taking out all of the convoy ships are two examples.
    On top of that, “destroyed aircraft,” that have no wings and are on fire can still effectively deliver ordnance with seemingly no issues.

  7. Server issues. I can’t think of an air or ground match where the server crashed. I can cite several examples in just one week where the naval servers have crashed. That locks your crews and causes you to lose a lot of points, especially when it happens late in the match. Why are naval servers the only ones that won’t work? Additionally, Gaijin seems to treat naval Enduring Confrontation as an afterthought. Sometimes the servers switch, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they don’t work at all.


1, 3, 4, 5and 7 are good points.

2 is meh, 6 is nonsense.


frankly for my part I find that some battleships are just much too strong

If you haven’t guessed. I hate CAS in general, but I find it to be awful in naval. I appreciate the feedback.

As far as map size, I’m also thinking of the future. If you participated in the submarine event when destroyers spawned on top of the subs, you probably got as frustrated as I did with that. If those are to be added, there will have to be much bigger maps.

I’d like to see several map sizes. We have coastal maps now which are appropriately small. We have small and medium size maps for blue water which range from OK to downright insane (African Coast).

I got that about you and CAS!! :)

I didn’t play the event - personally I don’t see a place for Submarines or aircraft carriers in WT without making a whole different game(s)

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Either they will pile stronger and stronger battleships onto the game until its iowas fighting yamatos fighting Richelieus fighting littorios fighting… idk sovetsky soyuz I guess because russian fantasy ships, all at 10km which, make no mistake, will be the final nail in the coffin for naval. Or, they can rework it so that smaller ships have something to do besides hide behind an island and HE spam battleships, and then they have an avenue to start adding cold war era ships. As much as I dont want them in game, I do think submarines are a decent start to changing that gameplay loop as it gives a target for destroyers to effectively hunt, while also providing a real threat to battleships

  1. was mentioned so I agree. guess they didnt want to make top rank premiums so pure formality for now
  2. I dont see a point in enlarged maps and prolonged battles. There is certain mode for that. I feel some maps need tweaking but plenty of them is just fine.
  3. Minor problem but sure
  4. I would restrict it to only disable one part of the ship and not sink it whole.
  5. sure
  6. I feel like it is also to spawn a plane against it and counter it, besides that, a lot of ships have effective aa to begin with.
  7. Didnt encounter it since those few days
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I actually like african coast a lot. It is intense brawl but it rewards quick thinking and fast reaction. I wouldnt want every map to be like that but this one is certainly nice to have.

I like it for smaller ships, but for battleships it becomes a game of who is going to run into each other and can anyone escape the spawn before the torpedoes arrive.

Yeah… nah that’s nonsense hyperbole :(

But on the topic of maps - I haven’t seen South Africa or Vyborg Bay for ages, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen “Drowned City” - I do play down to about 2.3 (British get Tier 3 at 2.3!!)

And I haven’t played one of those games where you have to cap a couple of points simultaneously in order for the final point to become “live” for ages either - used to be occasionally on Vyborg, and another map that I don’t see in the link above.

CAS in naval is unfortunately, a double edged sword.

Do you make AA gunners on ships more effective? then the CAS pilots aren’t having fun as they can’t bomb/torpedo ships unless they’re in space, which then puts a meta on good climbing planes with bombs

Do you nerf ship AA? then the boat players aren’t having fun as then they will keep dying to bombs unless they manually aim, which unfortunately suffers from the absolutely dogshit 3rd person aiming UI.

I feel they should buff larger/single gun howitzer accuracy for AA to allow the older ships to not be such a free kill for bombers while keeping the lower caliber (12.7, 20, 23, 40mm) guns about as accurate as they are now, experiment with buffing/nerfing them a little to see how it pans out really.

I honestly spawn first in downtiers and rarely run into other ships, in uptiers I might wait a minute to achieve the same thing. Sailing slowly forward or opposite direction to the rest of the team seems to work well for me too. But it is also a task for entirety of the team to destroy torp destroyers and cruisers as soon as possible.

And another thing , I like the new damage changes. AP seems to be the most consistent with damage and spamming sap isnt as effective tactic anymore. Good thing to see 6x135mm set of Etna dealing with ships quicker than 4×127mm on Geniere