So what's up with naval?

Generally, I think gaijin didn’t understand naval at all. Naval battle should be like air battles happen at sea but not tank battles on water. Their design of naval mode is just for those pt boats at the very beginning and didn’t change even the BBs are release. It is crazy enough.
The whole naval game should be reworked in my opinion


Yeah thats really the problem with automated systems like that, it always makes one side feel unsatisfied. WoWs had (has) the same issue. The real way around this is allowing some means of player input. I know you can manually control AA but you wont get an aim pip until the plane is within 1km and by that point you’re already all but dead. I think they need to somehow model AA fire control directors as something other than just radar lead indicators so that manual AA control isnt just complete guesswork on most ships

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I’ve just been taking out my frustrations with the HMS Tiger. Radar directed HE-VT shells that fire at a rate of 6 shells every .7 seconds for the 3 inch and 4 shells every 3 seconds for the 6 inch batteries.

I’m routinely picking off even smaller planes at 8 km.

if you saying that naval should be like air attles in the aspect of having only one respawn, I strongly disagree. If anything else, I dont really get the connection so please elaborate

That is the issue. I dont think ship and planes can be balanced at all with the fact those two trees progress by their own, logical rules. At one hand you get pretty decent AA systems as early as 4.3 (Geniere, SKR-7) where they pick off slow two engine bombers easily, at the other hand even the most advanced BB anti air struggles to catch a high flying jet like F84.

If anything, they could implement a additional targetting keybind for air targets. After choosing a plane within range, the accuracy of aa would increase over time from a default value set below current norm to the value bit higher than current norm. Accuracy value would reset if target is changed or visual is lost. This way battleships that can see a bomber from miles away would receive a decent buff and destroyers that are usually too busy engaging multiple targets would get a nerf to their passive aa effectiveness.


i was seriously considering buying hms tiger for that reason, but even then 110 euros is a very tall asking price.

thankfully, some more british bluewater ships have a radar, unfortunately however, theyre terrible at searching and maintaining a lock, which is extremely frustrating

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Yes, I’m definitely not advocating people spend that much money on it. I got it for the event some years ago, and have really enjoyed. That was back when Gaijin had more unique event vehicles, and I knew when I saw it that I had to have it,

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I’ve never managed to get naval radar locking and targeting working - how do you do that?

I’ve got all the keybinds for radar set up for tanks, and as far as I can see they should be the same for locking??

I have it bound to (I believe the default) ALT-F. You have to be in binocular view to lock on and sometimes it takes a couple of tries.


Ah - it might be that I’m not in binocular view - I’ll try that - thanks! :)