So, what the actual hell is the reasoning behind the F104s at 9.3?

I want to know the reason behind this. These planes at 9.3 are blatantly overpowered. They are faster, have better guns, have missiles (although only Aim 9B’s, they are still good for getting people to maneuver) and NOTHING can catch them. Trying to fight it in my Mig 19S is a complete nightmare. I can’t get guns on it because it’s too damn fast, I can’t outxlimb it, or hell I can’t even dive on it to get guns on it because they just zoom away. They do mach 1.15 on the deck spaded. My Mig 19 can’t even reach Mach on the deck. And this is coming from the perspective of a Mig 19. How about the Mig 15’s and Sabres that fight it? What are they supposed to do?

My suggestion is living these back rightfully where they belong, at 9.7. I would also love for the Mig 19’s to go back to 9.7 as well as they don’t belong at 9.3 either.

The whole BR range is compressed beyond all reason, don’t expect to find any balance at those BRs, anything without missiles and/or flares is just there to act as pinatas.

Like Miragen said. That BR range is overly compressed.
They started decompressing from the top down and pushed a bunch of high tier stuff to lower BRs, but stopped at around 9.0, so this is where a whole bunch of absolutely imbalanced matchupts happen.

You have Cl-13s with only .50cals facing enemies with AIM-9Ls and supersonic enemies…
There is no sense for these matchups to happen, but here we are…

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Going fast is only thing the early F-104’s are good. However at 9.7 this is completely negated as most everything at its BR and above can catch it. So it ended up back at 9.3. One of the main arguments against it going back down was the fact people would used it speed to outrun people. However the people arguing this were a minority while the majority were for the change.