So What Is This Gaijin?

Can anyone here explain just whats happening with stuff like this lately?
Feels like every game something like this happens (which is really annoying while trying to do get X place while im grinding tasks)

The only thing i can think of is he took more damage but should getting hit in the face more REALLY put him that far ahead of someone with 3x the kills?


Doing this because it appears the image did not upload

It killed the highest score enemy and get 1/3 score of the victim.
They changed the scoreboard last yr.
This happens in grb everyday.

Lots of things are worth points, not just kills.

Yeah… Except i have the most killed. The most damage delt. only missing 2 assists.
WHAT did he do that would give him more score than someone with 3x the kills, almost double the damage and 66% of the assists?

Tell me how he did “More” than me.

Obviously things worth points…

I don’t play Navel. You didn’t link a replay. Gaijin doesn’t really explain how points are earned.

In general objective based play earns better score than stat padding play.

So if a player sits back and gets lots of kills form a safe position they get less points then a player who rushes forward.

If you actually want to learn the answer watch the replay and see what the player did. It is the best way to gain insight.

Here is the stats of the game I played while typing this.
1st place, no kills.


8 ground kills (almost same total as entire rest of team combined), a couple of assists and from the tonnage of bombs dropped, at least a couple of mini bases destroyed.

For a ground strike battle, they did more to contribute to the battle effort than anyone else in your team.

If you dont play naval then why are you here if you dont know what you are talking about?

I went back and examined the scoring (which you can do by hovering over individual scores in match)

He got 1800 score for damage to enemies…
I got 159 for damages to enemies…

Looks at my “damage numbers” compared to his

Ok gaijin…

Kinda my point. Objective based play is worth more than kills. (as it should be)

Because the forum is stupid and unorganized so when the title reads ‘So What Is This Gaijin?’ I click to see if the topic is something I am interested in. (didn’t notice the tag as I am still getting used to the forum)

My first post was very simple advise. My second expounding on it.

I should have known better that to try to help. Clearly you just want to yell into the void.

1: there were no objectives. And encase you didnt notice he didnt get one ether.

And 2 if the forum is stupid please stop using it.
“very simple advice” helps no one. Especailly when you have not taken the time to understand what it is about.
OR even bothered to look at the attached image of what its about where you would CLEARLY see ships.

And i do in fact want help to understand why i delt twice his damage and didnt get a 10th of his damage score.

Of course there was an objective. What are you saying? Was it a sandbox mode no one else has? Where there tickets? How did they bleed? That is the objective.

I don’t know what the player did. I don’t know what you did. You didn’t link a replay.
Proximity to enemies is beneficial to score. As such player playing the objective get better score than ones who sit back and snipe.

No thanks. I assumed this might be a way to find common ground as you failed to use an effective title or post in the proper section. But apparently in this case you feel this is not a forum failing.

That is absurd. Simple advise is the best if it answers the question.

I can only understand what you post. You seemed to wonder why someone had more score with less kills. I said things other than kill are worth points of score.

I always knew it was ships. I have ~400 ship battles but haven’t taken the time to learn exactly what scores what in the mode.

It is impossible to know what each player did to acquire score from a screen shot of the final. Hence the only answer can be that things other than kills and damage produce score.

Then watch the replay. Or at least link one so someone can tell you.
(I actually have no idea what this sentence is asking…)

Dude… Just stop. Seriously.

1: Yes… there wasnt an objective. the objective was “Kill the enemy” which I did.

2: Thanks (zero part to you) there IS actually a way to tell how much score each player earned (which you would have seen had you read my response to the other person). Which just further proves you have nothing to add and thus are just wasting everyones time.


As you can clearly see the bulk of his score came from “damage to the enemy” Despite… ya know… dealing almost double his damage i get like 1-10th the score he did…?
Guess actually playing naval does really mean nothing compared to the zombies in premiums.

maybe this helps:
I am sometimes under the impression that it doesn’t count, how many ships you destroy, but how much damage you deal.
In some matches i kill 3 or 4 enemies, who have obviously gotten serious damage from another player before. so my only and killing salvo dealt only very limited damage when killing them.
At least this is my personal explanation, when I encounter the same kind of scoreboard.

huh? So there both was and wasn’t an objective.

I know there is, just not from the information you provided previously in the thread.

Yes. You have now actually posted a screen shot that explains your question.
I wish you could have done that from the beginning, would have saved us both some time.

it’s not known that the math is legit ingame.

Yeah EXCEPT i dealt the most “damage” (which is a stupid stat that doesn’t work half the time i feel considering) and virtually all my targets were full health because unlike all the bots spamming HE.
I use apbc and blow ammo racks in single vollys. 5 of those 6 kills came from instant kills.

So nice to know gaijin views skill at hitting ammo as less rewardable than just spamming HE i suppose.
(to say nothing of the fact i got 4k rp that game when my average for a game like that is like 7+)

We can´t help you more since you didn´t provide the gameplay, not even map name/username of the Des Moines so we can´t easily find the replay in question ourselfs.
But to I found simmilar situation in different replay of yours - here is example where you have more damage, kills, assists and even caps then the player above and yet you have less points.

As you can see the first player has a lot of points from recieving damage which you often have quite low number of (based on some other replays), this could quite easily explain why you have less points in your example.
Also regarding the damage/kill/assist - the damage value is proportional to the damage done but there I some asterics:

  1. Damage done by single strike while it will show as damage in the score board it actually doesn´t count towards points recieved from damage but it counts as points from kills
  2. Different ships are worth different amounts of damage but form my observation also different amount of points

So simple stat comparison is provides very little info.