So what exactly do Blow Out Panels prevent?

Had a 2s38 one tap my Leopard A4, shoot one piece of ammunition in my turret stowage, at about a 90 degree angle from the side resulting in my ammunition “exploding” killing my entire crew. (My blast door wasn’t penetrated btw.)

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^here is a picture of the shot

The person who closed my bug report had made this statement:
“Not a bug.
Blow out panels save only from the fire of ammunition, but if the ammunition explodes, the blow out panels do not work because they are defformed and penetrated by fragments of the wall in the turret.
To minimize or completely get rid of the probability of an explosion of projectiles, we recommend significantly limiting, or even abandoning the ammunition of cumulative projectiles.”

Now correct me if I am wrong but
Isn’t the entire point of blowout panels to redirect the blast/fire so there would be no shrapnel to begin with/if there was, wouldn’t go up out the panel? Not only for just ammunition cooking off but a literal explosion of ammunition?
Also limiting my APFSDS ammo/abandoning it? What? I am pretty sure HEAT ammunition would be significantly worse in this Scenario…

So did something change with NATO tanks where blow out panels suddenly became useless? Since when?

Had them actually do blowout stuff with the abrams after a while now the ammo doesnt just disapear but cooks off

Meanwhile the “wet” stowage of the Eastern tanks will just deny ammo explosions sometimes.

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Blowout panels and ammunition are very inconsistent in War Thunder.
Almost most of the time I shot tank with blowout panel ammo just blacked out & disappeared.
In cases where blowout panel was damaged and breached it rarely did mean much however somehow there were cases where I didnt damage blowout panel or at least not by much IMO where it would just decide to kill crew.
Just another poorly modeled thing in War Thunder.

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Ammo setting on fire or exploding is hilariously inconsistent.
I had my round go through turret ammo of tanks like 2A4 or Type 90, blacking them out in the process and then going through crew compartment (or vice versa), killing one crew as well.

Both of those tanks lived because of that.

Atrociously inconsistent mechanic.

Blowout pannels are very weird. And badly modeled. I’ve shot abrams/leo 2 from the front meaning the blast door is penetrated but the crew was fine. Same with the rear.

The thing is that the blow out panels are not used to save the tank, they are to save the crew, the tank continues to be destroyed, I do not understand how you can continue fighting when you have had an ammunition detonation.

Blowout panels are deterministic and extremely consistent.
Hole between crew & ammo? Crew dies.
No hole? Crew lives.

Had crew die despite there being no hole, as well as crew survive just because there was no fire or explosion from ammo blacking out.

A hole could’ve been made in an awkward position, or earlier in the life.
Holes stay on damage models throughout the life.
I can’t remember the port side turret of 2A4 at this time, but if there’s a vacuum, then in the case of 2S38 if they penned the crew compartment from the turret port then the ammo compartment, there’s your holes to crew, as an example.

It might be overstated by an amount how much those holes matter, but proving that is difficult.

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Not really.
As I said, had instances where ammo blacked out and did nothing whatsoever, meanwhile blowout panel was penetrated by that same shot and crew member died.

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Yea In my case my tank had not taken any damage before hand. Just one shot to the ammo and my tank blew up. Which I thought was super weird.

Yes. Also tanks like the Type 90/10, and Leclerc are much more likely to die than something like a Leo 2 or Abrams, or even AMX-40.

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That’s because irl they were known to sometimes fail. Although in the game I’m sure its due to error.