So, uh. About that M735 fix?

Everyone knows at this point that M735 was nerfed (ahistorically, based on an inferior testing round) on a hair trigger to the point vehicles that are stuck with it as a top round have become much worse than before.

It’s been said this will be fixed at some point, with the real statistics for the round implemented instead of these horrid ones we have now…

Can we get an ETA of when this will happen, at bare minimum, Gaijin? It’s been two content updates since and such a simple-seeming thing has yet to be fixed…

Only made this topic due to the last devolving into balancing vehicles around the borked round instead of fixing the base problem


3BM25 needs some love as well

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Good few short-rod rounds that need looking at, honestly.

M331A2- I feel that in reality, it wouldn’t simply turn a crewman shards of it pass through into a Simpson, being 76mm APDS and all that…