So this 'Temporarily Invulnerable ' thing

How does it work? As long as you don’t move you’re invulnerable? Or is there a timer? Can you shoot while invulnerable?

I need the SPAA kills for my task and I was getting shot at by an SPAA from WAAAYY off. I was in my Sturer or maybe 8.8 Flak… and after getting hit I shot at him… and… Temp Invul…

I was flying a plane… Spawned WAAY away from the vehicles. Flew out till I saw an SPAA… launched a salvo of rockets… Temp Invul…

Wuz up?

Spawn protection

If you start moving after spawning it lasts for 5 seconds.

Sitting still it lasts for way longer. Can also rotate hull, unsure how much it affects spawn protection. You can also shoot while sitting still and have quite a long spawn protection, unsure how much it affects spawn protection.


I thought as soon as you fire yourself, spawn protection is removed…

Its more quickly removed, but ive had quite a few salvoes in the Strv103 wiping/critting 3-4 before getting shot by the 5th.

I haven’t studied it super closely, but that is my experience. Very likely im wrong in some way.

We need a clear introduction @Stona_WT

Be nice if they included some indication on our screen showing we are invulnerable…