So this is probably it

So after we have asked for a dedicated Ground RB mode for the better part of a decade and even started to compromise with having splitt BRs for planes so that they can move up in Mixed RB.
But now Gaijin decided that its a good idea to lower the BR of a large amount of planes in Mixed RB…

At this point I plan to drop the game once these changes hit and to not come back.
If Gaijin doesnt fix thier game and doesnt listen to the playerbase, then whats the point?

You guys can keep your spitefull wife, but I am moving on it seems…

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Well, I won't miss you


They’re primarily dropping planes that do not offer CAS but do offer fighter roles. What planes are you concerned about? Maybe I have overlooked something since the revision.


All of these posts (like yours) strive to do is create more community infighting because you want to feel superior or make fun of the situation of the guy saying the game he was really enjoying isn’t fun anymore due to some awful changes. (in his opinion, you do not have to agree to be respectful)

Can’t wait to see another 30 of these gifs or jokes about this acting like the game is fine and that YOU don’t have issues with it. Can’t wait to also see you crying in a post later because the universal rule is, is that EVERYBODY has SOMETHING about this game they can’t stand for the most part, but when its not YOUR THING to complain about, it’s seemingly a joke.

The only ones that were moved down were ones that can’t kill tanks easily. The ones that were very good at killing tanks, went up.


None of what you said occurred.
War Thunder was arcade-only for the first few years [I reject the historical mode as existing, historical modes are trash].
Ground RB mode, which is supposed to be realistic, thus with planes, is at most 8 years old.
The arcade game mode, which is what should be tanks-only, still has limited CAS.

CAS aircraft are moving up in ground battles, not down.
The only ones moving down are trash CAS aircraft with dumb bombs only.

Enjoy your spiteful wife.
We’ll keep enjoying War Thunder as it’s accommodating and Gaijin listens to the playerbase.

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sadly the A-4E got moved up and now is borderline useless.

In ground?

Absolutely not. I only ever used it at 9.3 in GRB and it still performed decently there. It is not bad at all.

Now it’s just not super easy to fly it.

Even with its GBUs, it still doesn’t stand much a chance against German/Russian SPAA and is helpless against any counter-cas. Gajin, if anything, should’ve changed it to a more modern model with actually usable AAMs. Also it staying at 8.7 in ARB is complete bs.

Sayonara, TO demander. One less of you to clog up the forums. Please, take your TO demander friends with you.

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I think it could go to 8.3 in ARB, especially since the Migs/Sabres were moved down.

Oh no, your CAS isn’t OP anymore… the horror…

Ehh those were years ago. A-4E at 8.0 was crazy.