So this how they hook you , they say lol

I recently comeback to the game after idk 5 years from last time i tried the game , now that i took the time to learn the game properly is really awesome but i still hate CAS, cant change my mind on that one.

This my stats , i stop playing Russia because T54 are d o g **** , my opinion.

Now i open 10 Gacha box daily and the game decided to give me a 11.0 tank? wth i havent even reach 7.0 with USA.

What did CAS even have to do with the topic that you’ve made? Why is it everyone drags that ‘gripe’ everywhere?

It’s like those players who instantly hit all chat complaining about the game, the enemy just knows you’re losing after that…


idk is what make me quit the game back then , now i just deal with it better , but won’t change my mind

It’s dumb to have such a predetermined issue brought forward to every match, because that’s what you’ll be having happen by being that caught up on the CAS threat getting you…

Do you also get mad at players sniping you, or just getting you good, because that’s also part of the game…

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ok i get it , you like cas
Let others have their own likes and dislikes


They won’t let You tell that on the forum. Be prepared ;)

Dang, every time I say anything merely even leaning towards CAS being a thing, everyone’s all ‘Oh you’re a CAS player then’… Just dumb to have that sort of mindset…


Because i don’t wanna write a essay on something everyone knows is a problem , man is a thing i don’t like in the game , but i know is a war game i just deal with it , i got a CAS plane in this loot boxes and now i use that CASto fight other planes , still i don’t know how to fly but learning , now everything i write u just target the cas issue well then i tell you the same what kind of mindset is that.

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CAS had nothing to do with the thread, and it’s a negative mindset issue because seeing as you have that on the forum here, in-game it must be worse.


Skill issue

Extremely lucky. Have fun.


ye man i know i still play them occasionally but i think what made me stop playing is you fight stuff with new tech and the turret traverse on those tanks are not great for me personally.

I guess all 8.0 tanks face that issue ? what i noticed China 8.0 is actually good , they have stab , LR etc…talking about m41D and type 69.

Yeah the 6.7-8.3 is very compressed, but in my own experience I had better games with T-54s than Leopards or M48/60. China is definitely on the better side. I’m pretty sure the ZTZ59 is actually a T-55, with a stabilizer and laser rangefinder, at the same BR of the 8.0 T-54, with no stabilizer or laser.

Type 69 is an okay HEAT slinger with its LRF, then there’s type 59 which is basically T54 with a vertical stab. M41D though… is quite awful, not unusably bad but really it’s best use is camping behind cover (which is actually a bit difficult due to it’s high profile) scouting and flying around with the drone


Premium ZTZ59A is the one with LRF, Type 59 is a single plane vertical stab like the Shermans but with no turret rotation speed behind it. Type 69 is pretty much the only usable 8.0 in an uptier and the WZ305 is the real gem of 8.0.

USSR still has one of the best 8.0 vehicles in the Object 906 but you have nothing competitive to back it up unless you buy the TO-55.

T-54 is plenty competitive, just takes some skill, what most Russian mains seem to lack.

Too used to bias ; )

as a 3rd respawn in a full downtier sure

Its pretty middle of the road as far as 8.0s go.