So, should I go for the F16 ADF or the German Mig 29? (Air RB)

So right now, I am about 270k RP away from unlocking the F-16 ADF. However, in the German tech tree, I just have to unlock the F-84, Su-22 to unlock rank 8, and then research the Mig 29.

To go for the German one would be a big hassle especially since I don’t really enjoy any of the planes that can be used to efficiently research it and I’m not shedding 70 bucks for a worse Bis SAU. However, if it will lead to me getting a better aircraft, I may do it. (still won’t but that worse Bud SAU though would have to stick it out with the 21MF or 104G.)

I already have a bunch of good tier 8 grinders for America (F5E, F8, etc.) however I have heard that the F16 is worse than the Mig.

I’m not well versed in top tier as the last time I played it was when the Mig 23 was completely dominating everything so could someone help me out here?

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There are two main reasons the MiG-29 is generally considered a bit better than the F-16A ADF:

  • R-27ERs are the best radar missiles in the game due to their speed. If an AIM-7 equipped aircraft and a MiG-29 fire their radar missiles at the same time, the MiG-29 will always win (or at least trade at low ranges).

  • The flight model is more forgiving as the MiG-29 just pulls more Gs at high speed. This makes it easier to defend against radar missiles and allows the MiG-29 to 180 a bit quicker, although it loses a lot of speed when doing so.

However this doesn’t mean the F-16A ADF is bad:

  • The AIM-7M isn’t a bad radar missile either. It can easily compete in SARH jousting against other planes, and even MiG-29s if they launch their R-27ER late or with bad parameters (e.g. target altitude too low).

  • While the high speed maneuverability is worse, an F-16 at low speed (with decent throttle and airbrake management) is extremely dangerous. In a dogfight, rather than one plane being strictly better, you can generally expect the better pilot to win.

  • While the high speed maneuverability is worse, the F-16 instead gets amazing MER even with mouse aim. The retention is so good that the F-16 can fight a good chunk of the enemy team at once and if they all take the same line they will not be able to kill it (Of course one enemy properly extending and reengaging messes that up, but it works more often than you might expect).

  • The F-16A ADF has a shorter stock grind as the MiG-29 has to research two Rank III mods for its best missiles (R-27ER and R-60M) plus two prerequisite ones while the ADF only has to research a Rank II and a Rank III one (AIM-7M and AIM-9L). In addition to that the modification costs on the ADF are also lower because it’s not an end of the line vehicle.

As you are 610k RP closer to the F-16A ADF my suggestion would be to just get it. Yes it is a bit worse, but really not by much.

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