So Pokryshkin's P-39N is about to go on sale, but why are Russian 37mm ammo belts still incorrect?

As far as I can tell, 37mm AP ammunition was never sent to the USSR during WW2 (Loza, Dmitriĭ Fedorovich (2002). Attack of the Airacobras: Soviet Aces, American P-39’s and the Air War against Germany) with only the M54 37mm HE-T projectile being sent.

It’s not a major problem that this plane has access to the 37mm AP ammunition it shouldn’t have, the problem is that there is only one belt for this plane (half AP, half HE-T). The American and French versions of this aircraft have a 100% HE belt available; why are half the rounds in the belt of 37mm equipped Russian Cobras worthless against air targets? @Smin1080p


I put in a bug report on this a while back.

I got an email back saying that it was not a bug.

I can only assume it was done for balancing reasons.

Go figure.

Really makes you wonder why anyone even tries, doesn’t it?


Bug reports are a complete waste of time ive given up making any

AP shells are not worthless against air targets. They do well against engines and the armored parts of planes

But they are noticeably worse than the HEF-T.

You only have 30 rounds, and your shots are slow and loopy, you need them to consistently ‘one hit kill’ when they do land.

Would you rather fire a big piece of steel through an enemy plane’s wing or 70gr of high explosive incendiary?