So now that we have Engine overheating Mechanics

Do you think you could possibly allow us to Disable the speed Limiters on the Crusaders? there is ALOT of historical precedent for it, MOST MkIII’s that saw service in the desert had theirs disabled by their crews.

and it’s only a Mechanical system to limit the speed, its not like a Panther where the Engine power was limited to keep them from catching fire, the ONLY reason the speed was limited on the Crusaders was to make it so they wouldn’t just run off and leave Infantry behind, and to limit the overheating issues the early crusaders faced due to their poorly built Fan drives (Which were fixed by the time the MKIII entered production)

Without the speed Limiters they would be capable of 40mph or so.

Perhaps make it so you can do that speed in short sprints, Before the engine over heats, and if you push it THAT hard for too long the engine can be damaged and eventually be completely destroyed requiring you to repair it.


Could just make it a unique keybind ability.

For example, you get 1 min of uprated engine power/higher top speed and there’s a 1 min cooldown between charges etc.

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With how short most WT matches are, the engine probably wouldn’t start overheating even running it flat out the whole time.

Or just don’t do that and let people learn it the way it was irl. To the best that the game can do.

no, just have it as a modification, would rather not have warthunder turn into an hero shooter

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Are you implying WEP is a hero shooter mechanic becuase thats all a limited time engine boost would be for certain tanks is WEP, besides theres already a tank in game with a semi implemented WEP being the VT1-2 iirc its limited to its 2200hp however and cant use the derated 1500hp mode

no because it has no arbitrary time limit like your suggestion, its solely based on the engine’s performance

Doubt this will happen.

But if it does then Gaijin could also make the Ford GAA V8 engine have more RPM. In real life it had a governor to 2800 maximum RPM, but crews could and did just remove the governor and the engine could go up to 3800 RPM until it started acting up. Would be funny.

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Got a link on that I can check out?

There’s this website, which says “It is said that with stock springs the engine would rev to about 3800 rpms before valve float”. This website and this website also states it.

There’s a couple others, but in the end I just think it’s funny rather than something that will ever be implemented in the game.

Ah, thanks. Interesting reads. Would love to get it running at 3,000 in WT for 571 horsepower.

RPM does not mean power though.

Especially on a engine that big, the power and torque curve likely peaked around the original Rev Limiter. So they just limited it there, because all those extra RPM’s the engine could do were worthless.

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It would mean higher top speed, which is the biggest factor that limits the mobility of vehicles like the M4A3 (76).

Besides, even an increase to 2800 RPM ingame would improve the horsepower. Powercurves of the Ford GAA shows 525 hp at 2800 RPM.


That isn’t how that works.

At all.

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Higher maximum RPM means higher theoretical top speed. That is quite literally how it works.


You need both Torque and Horsepower to achieve a higher top speed.

Not just RPM. it isn’t a Plane.

With PLANES yes, More RPM means more speed.

But Mechanical gearboxes on tank’s don’t work that way.

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But if you have the exact same gearing, and a higher rev limit with a large amount of power, the tank that can rev higher will go faster.

It means more potential for speed. They could theoretically go much much faster if the gearing is identical, but the rpm limit is higher.

Read what I wrote again. Theoretical top speed. Which is what WarThunder uses.

Theoretical top speed cares only about the RPM, gear ratios and sprocket radius. If you increase RPM, you will increase the theoretical top speed.

Besides, as I mentioned, at 2800 RPM it does produce more horsepower (525). And torque doesn’t matter as WarThunder does not actively model it.

The overheat mechanic is to model for when the cooling system is damaged and destroyed how soon engine failure occurs.

Failure due to de-governed over-rev would come in the form of sudden bad crunching sounds, not overheat.
No there isn’t a way for a “governor switch”, that isn’t how it works, crews had to go in and tinker with the engine, and usually when they did that, they also knew not to abuse it, like not trying to go WOT in first gear uphill, etc.
I think all the powertrain “mods” you are already paying for cover something like this without the needless complication of a whole new mechanic/failure mode/something for Gaijin to not get right.

And you should be using those high RPM’s only at higher speeds, too. An experienced driver would just under-rev if necessary to bring the torque back up before putting his foot down again.