So much for top speed!

What is this Facebook marketplace! Zachlam tager advertised at 45 mph can go 17mph straight on paved roads. Is the top speed recorded when it’s falling off a mountain or what?! All the while my speedometer is completely red, like what? Did I research the one that has the red ring of death on the engine and the fellas are just pushing it like a bobsled or something?! A lot of vehicles fall short a little, but dear god I’m thinking about limping this thing to the junkyard! Haven’t seen the top speed myself but I’m the expert on the top slow by god! Who knows maybe the boys just ground all the hi gears out!

Have you even spaded it?

Mine says 73 kmh top speed, I can get it up to 60 on the testdrive map… With enough space I could definitely hit the 70 at least.

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Not yet but I spaded the M18 and that thing doesn’t nearly meet specs

Why are you judging a vehicle based off its stock performance? The top speed won’t be reached easily without upgrading mobility…M18 does hit its top speed in the right conditions as well.