So guys we now have a confirmation that Sweden is the hub for Scandinavian vehicles

CV9035, Norwegian leopard, Finland, we now have every nordic nation in our great Sweden.

So we pretty much have confirmation that Sweden is a hub for Scandinavia. Since we are getting the siblings together, what might we see? Tech-tree wise ofc. what vehicles and planes can we expect?

Leave your thought’s below thank you!

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Danish draken, possibly. Norwegian chaffee, finnish KV-1s and T-50s. Quite a bit, actually. We could also see the austrian draken, given the only austrian thing is in sweden atm.

Inb4 austria goes to germany


and why would it not?

Yeah, what makes you think Austria is more suited for Sweden than Gernany?

Their air is mainly swedish stuff. They can be like canada if anything.

Some people would claim that there are strong historical ties…

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Honestly should, but we already have an austrian premium in the swedish TT, so I suspect stuff like the austrian draken will go to sweden.

Id rather it get split like canada. Swedish air goes to sweden. Ground goes to germany if its german tech and so fourth.

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Honestly, fair enough. Id love to see the austrian draken ingame, though im still hunting for documents for it.

It served until 2005

(Fox-3 capable draken real)


@ZendikarHaven has already posted this in another thread, but I thought I’d restate it here, the Danish J35 variant with more flares, more ATG ordinance, and additional visual and technical differences.

That specific one aside, I want all the J35 variants before any outside stuff it brought in, try and keep it as original as possible, but also bring things in that are needed or wanted.


I want / expect these at some point in the future!

NM116, light tank to strengthen 7.7/8.0. Comparable to Ikv 91. 90mm HEAT-FS & LRF.

Screenshot_20240601-103256_Firefox Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil 9031, mobile tank destroyer at 6.7. Comparable to FIAT 6614 in Italy. 90mm HEAT-FS & mobility (only 10 rounds)

Tridon, SPAA at ~8.0? Unique, same gun and ammunition as Lvkv9040. 40mm HE-VT & APFSDS (No radar)


There is a premium KV 1e in german tree whichbis finnish though.

I know that, but I want em in the swedish tree

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Gee, you found this out just now?

Danish f-16, f-104, Spitfire, M-109, M41, M24, M10 Achilles, M4 Sherman and much more.

could be fun

What are the confirmed dev server vehicles being added for Sweden?

And Swedish Toptier tanks are all German yet they have their own tree.

Strv are uniquely made. Germany has there own armored leopards to add that no one else has. We just need gaijin to add them.


The Strvs are still Leopard 2s which is German tank. It’s the same as with the Pz 38(t).