So Gaijin added the Object 292 but not the M1 CATTB?

Modified Abrams with a 145 mm gun. Reminds me of the Object 292 that was added, even though that was only a wooden mockup. So why not add this? Just a free idea for another event vehicle.

EDIT: NOT a wooden mockup. Sorry! Didn’t know.


Will come in time, pls remember planes, ships, tanks come normaly in a circle.
Add to this that one nation shouldnt get all event vehicles


True. Just makes more sense to me if they added them one after the other for each nation. Like one event the 292, next the Leopard 2-140, and then the CATTB, as all of the vehicles play a similar role in being up-gunned prototypes.

But yeah, I kind of forgot they do circle events of tanks, ships and planes.

Would be nice to see.

It was not a wood mockup

I think the 120S is supposed to be its rival since both came in about the same time, both featuring a large turret fit in a seemingly small hull, and since most players don’t play with their vehicle’s strength so there is no surprise that one of them quickly forgotten as its strength is underutilized.

unfortunately, I do have too say that you are wrong it wasn’t just a wooden mockup

Was not a wooden mockup but a prototype tank that had it’s fire trials.

And no, these two arent same in performance, plus neither should / should have been events.

Because they’re not comparable? CATTB is closer to Obj.195/Obj.477 and of all 140mm armed tanks from the 90’s, the CATTB is the only which had significantly increased armor protection along with other upgrades, the most important one being the VIDS and MTAS combination.

The CATTB had a laser warning/counter measure system that would automatically deploy smoke and turn the turret towards the laser/missile threat to automatically aim at the threat and shoot, it can see and engage threats behind the smoke screen safely because of the Multi-Sensor Target Acquisition System (MTAS). It can also track and engage Helicopters using the XM965 HEAT-MP-T datalinked with the MTAS.