So can we agree that 3.0 - 6.7 Sweden SPAA line is pretty much non-existent

So recently I discovered that the Lvkv m/48 has the wrong stats please check it out. it explains some things in this post.
Post: Post Lvakan 48 and more

Anyway so I recently discovered that the Swedish TT only has like 2 choices when fighting aircraft at 3.0 - 6.7
The Lvkv 42 & L62 Anti II, now this wouldn’t be a problem BUT since the Lvakan m/48 has the wrong Munitions, Calibre, Velocity, etc. Its basically a Lvakan m/36 with a higher fire rate.

The Lvkv 42 is a Upgraded L62 Anti II with half the ammunition. That reason alone makes me choose the L62 Anti II over the Lvkv 42 as it lets me shoot for longer. Since the damage model of the HEI-T is the same for the Lvakan 48 as well as the Lvakan 36.

The fire rate burns through the ammo on the Lvkv 42 while offering only worse survivability and better turret traverse. That is supposed the help target Air Targets, but with the guns lower than average velocity it just doesn’t connect often.

What Sweden needs is to have its Lvakan 48 fixed and to add some AA vehicles that fit into the 5.0 - 7.0 gap
we don’t need more high tier tanks (for now at least) we only need better SPAA vehicles.

There are some suggested vehicles that looks good for 5.0 - 7.0.
Lvkv 43 (All), Tridon, Terrängbil m/42 (biased), Terrängbil 16 “Galten”, Terrängbil 16 “LEMUR”, UDES 08,

So to you Dear Reader please like the post and share it so the we can have a good swedish SPAA line.
And have a nice rest of your day and may the snail be kind to you!

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Edit: The Muzzle flash for all bofors guns are WAY to big in real life its mostly smoke


LvKv 42 should be 3.7 max.
Look at comparitives like M19A1 which has dual Bofors, that have MORE pen (for some reason even though it’s the same ammo), more armor, better mobility and it sits at 4.0 where the LvKv is at 4.3.

The Russian 37mm AA unit at 3.7 has 30mm more pen than the LvKv.

Sweden is the most overtiered nation in the entire tree below about 7.7 when discussing actual Swedish vehicles, not copy paste ones.

The only reason why the Swedish TT lack SPAA inbetween tier 4.0 & 6.7 is because Gaijin is too lazy to add Swedish or even Finnish SPAA in those BR’s like the Lvkv-fm/43 or a SISU truck with a ZU-23-2 for example and the thing is that Sweden is not the only TT with this issue, you can see similar gaps in the French, Italian, Israeli, Chinese and even British TT’s

That’s true. I may suck in general, and maybe the Swedish USPs high pen, great depression (and low damage, and extremely weak armour) just don’t work for me, but Sweden Ground ~3.7-4.7 is pure hell compared with the same BR range in Russian or German tanks.

The minor nations suck to play because of this:

They almost always get teamed up with Germany against Russia and USA.
So you have the most undertiered, BS overperforming nation (Russia) with the nation that has the best CAS (USA) and you have German players on your team, your vehicles are generally overtiered, and you have no SPAA.

I regret grinding halfway through Sweden and France and starting Italy. It’s too painful.