Bofors 40mm L60 Turret turn rate is lower than it should be. (Lvakan m48 (40mm L70) has the wrong stats)

40mm L60
I was using the Lvtdgb m/40 & L-62 ANTI II and then tried the Crusader MK 1 and thought "Jesus the traverse speed is pretty bad for the Swedish turrets despite being pretty much the same Mounting. So I started digging and found this a ww2 era bofors gun. shown by ForgottenWeapons

Source h ttps://

Notice how it spins much faster than the in game French & Swedish 40mm L/60 turret. Now I don’t know if its the same with the M19 & M49 gun motor carriages. But if it is patching it would improve the players ability to Acquire & track enemy planes. Needing to turn the Whole vehicle can potentially reveal the position of the player. This is especially bad for the Lvtdgb m/40 & CCKW 353 AA. That are Truck mounted. so fixing this would help tremendously with that.

2nd issue

The current situation in war thunder

Currently the French AMX-13 DCA 40 has the Correct stats for the Bofors L70 gun with the Correct Explosive & Normal mass + shell velocity 1005 for the HEFI-T and 1025 for the AP-T I looked at the Manual and compared it to the Shells of the DCA 40. And Im confident they are the same

Current in-game 40mm L70 ( Lvakan m48 )
Compare game Lvakan m48(L70) to game Lvakan m36 (L60). They will have the same ammunition Models.
Although the AP ammunition on the Lvakan m48 (L70) Not having the correct calibre & Not having the correct Velocity. It could penetrate 80mm of flat face Armor at 100m. Same as the French ammunition.

Ammunition Training & War

Originally chambered in 40×365mmR(L70). It could be chambered in the cheaper 40×311mmR During Training (See Source 1 at 6:54-7:01). However this was Only During Training to reduce costs. This required changing Several parts to work. So you could not just load 40×311mmR in a belt of 40×365mmR (This goes both ways).

Consequences of this change

This means that the SAPHE-I (L-60) could not be Fired from the Lvakan m48 without preparation (See Source 1 7:01- 7:10). This means that the SAPHE-I ammunition has to be removed from both the Lvkv 42 & VEAK 40.

New ammunition possibility

Sabot Munitions was developed for the Lvakan m48. It could Penetrate 120 mm of armour at right angle impact and 30mm at a 60 degree angle. This Ammunition could be added to the Lvkv 42 as well as the VEAK 40.

Now if Sabot was added for the Lvkv 42 it would likely go to 6.3 at least therefore Sweden will need SPAA Vehicles at 4.7 - 5.7 Look at the Lvkv m/43 variants. But the VEAK 40 would probably stay at its current br or maybe with a slight br increase. frankly its a wonder how its at 8.7 to begin with but with this addition its should be justified. Maybe it will become the next Itpsv 90. hehe anyway have a nice continued day and until next time see ya guys!


Source 2 Page 43-45 Ammunitionsregister för armén ( Ammunition register for the army ) Author: KATF/TfB / Armén ( Swedish Army )

Message from Karnitin75. I cant see why gaijin chose the same Forum template that Generation zero (and probably more) have. but I cant do anything about it now so yea. anyway I was going to mention that all previously suggested Vehicles in Sweden ground forces are missing so Moderators if you are reading please fix that thank you.

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Don’t know about the rotation but it would be great if Gaijin could do something about the muzzle flash. They are so bright and blinding that it’s very hard to hit anything not flying straight at you. Especially fast planes (since France doesn’t have any AA between 4.3 and 8.3, it means you need to engage jets without radar and without even seeing the target after the first shot).


Yea that is probably the Bigger problem IRL the muzzle Flash isn’t so big
Example 40mm L70

Its more smoke than Flash Currently its the same effect as Firing a 75mm cannon! And to have that every 0.2 - 0.7 Seconds (L60) (L70) is a fast way to blind yourself only way to avoid it is to go to the Scope. And that is often harder to aim with than 1st person from the top of the tank! So i agree the Muzzle flash should be reduced drastically or even removed and just have the smoke puff