So blacklist just mutes players?

There is absolutely no official information to be found about what blacklisting someone does. I still get placed in games with people i blacklist. So does anyone know for sure what blacklist actually do?

People falgged you for “regardless of the team they are on”. You are not special enough to have haters.

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But how do you know for sure?

Because you can still find a match with people you had previously blacklisted.

Blacklist = permanent communication block
Radio off = temporary silence from said player during that match only.

What were you thinking it did?

As others have said, it just mutes them.

Did you think you could just block all the best players and play a hidden easy mode?

I thought you wouldnt be placed in the same games as people you have blacklisted. I dont think its strange to think that? Thats usually what blacklisting means. It should just be called mute

No i thought i could choose not to play with racists, nazis, homophobes, etc. I mean it pretty standard to be able to block people in multiplayer games.

No it isn’t strange to wonder and ask as you have. I had wondered that when I started but it appears to be a permament mute, but that includes PMs too (no idea if turning someone’s “radio” off stops PMs during that match).

It is putting a player on a communication blacklist, so there is rationality to the translation.

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If you google it you do find people saying that if you blacklist someone the matchmaker will not put you in games with that person, but only if possible.

And if you search for blacklist on the wiki you get one result

It does seem a bit odd that they would add that feature if blacklisting was only a mute button?

That’s for custom battles which is entirely separate from the normal MM. I got the feeling people were getting around the black list by going into people’s custom matches and harassing them in there.