So..... Are we ever going to get the Correct engine for the Black Prince?

The tank its self is modeled in game with the V12 Meteor engine, Even the fuel tanks and everything are Modeled to be that modified version of the Black Prince that was never built.

YET it has the 350hp of the Bedford Type120 engine. A engine that was simply a improved Bedford Twin Six, the engine in the Churchill. Which the model in game does not fit.

So i see two options here, You either give the BP its 21mph Top speed, and its 600hp engine that it is MODELED to have.

Or you change the internal model to fit the engine the vehicle is statistically said to have through the numbers.

Either way the tank currently just has a copy and paste drive train from the MKVII Churchill, which it shouldn’t have, as the Black prince actually had a Extra forward and reverse gear, it being a 5 speed with 2 reverse gears.


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Put a bug report in // Issues with sources. Posting here without sources won’t do much other than making more people aware, which isn’t much by itself when compared to actual changes.

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