So... About those BR changes

I noticed that in the roadmap the language they used is “Improving the balance of vehicles around era-breaking Battle Ratings and the transition from homogenous steel armour and full-calibre projectiles to APDS, ATGMs, weapon stabilisers, and similar systems, by changing the BR of certain vehicles”.

What about aircraft? Are those going to get BR changes as well? Because there’s a lot of compression in the higher BR ranges (7.0 and onwards) and there are some pretty drastic changes in gameplay along those higher BRs as well, think of the addition of All-Aspect Heat Seeking Missiles, decent SARH missiles, PD Radar, and stuff like that.

I would like to hear some information on that, and of course other people’s opinion on it as well.

I don’t know if this is the right section, I think it is (I’m rarely on the forum).

Thanks for reading.


Aircraft requires further decompression of ground + full analysis & deliberation finished.

A-4E (Israel) is casually sitting at 8.7 with GBUs, I’ve gotten a ton of unfair kills with them lol. We shouldn’t wait for further decompression and adjust the vehicles like the A-4E to fight more modern counters.

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It’s identical to the American 8.7 A-4E.
It’s not OP. Clouds cause issues, it’ll lock the ground, and you need to climb for over 90 seconds to gain enough energy to be outside of proximity fuze SPAA range.
And contrary to popular belief, A-4E is fighting exactly what it would fight IRL… T-54s, T-55s, M60s, etc.

not an issue, its part of the method to gain kills

well by that logic, BRs are useless and king tigers should fight shermans


You’re baiting us by posting BRs are useless.

nein mein komrade

I think you forgot the part that the Israeli A-4E is fighting things like the T-54, and the Israeli A-4E is equipped with the GBU-8 which the American counterpart lacks.

Anti Air also lack the capability to counter the Israeli A-4E simply due to the range of those Bombs, if you fly at a decently high altitude you’ll be invincible basically…

GBU-8 is just a heavier Walleye, and their ground armament doesn’t determine their BR, their air to air performance does.
As for lack of anti-air, there’s a reason fighters are making a return to ground RB, and it’s not cause of A-4s.

The GBU-8 basically guarantee a kill unlike the Walleye (doesn’t kill Heavy Tanks as efficiently). The Bomb itself may be heavier that doesn’t actually mean the deployable range is decreased, in fact I’ve had longer range kills with the GBU-8 over the Walleyes.

ground armament doesn’t determine their BR

Ground ordinances does actually determine a vehicles Battle Rating, have a look at the Harrier GR.7 and Sea Harrier FRS.1 (Late) which basically have identical Air ordinances but different Ground ordinances.

fighters are making a return to ground RB

And if a Fighter isn’t spawned in for air defence does that mean the A-4E should have the ability to turn the tide of entire matches? Most people don’t bring Fighters in their line ups but Ground Attackers.

They failed to improve the balance on ground in the first place and air is never going to be fixed if they’re too lazy to separate ARB and GRB BRs.

Harrier GR7 is a drastically more powerful aircraft in engine, maneuverability & countermeasures.
it initially went to 11.7 because of air RB performance.

Engine, Flight Performance and Manoeuvrability doesn’t warrant a entire different Battle Rating bracket does it? It’s also known that Ground ordinances DOES affect Battle Rating decisions, have a look at the Tornado IDS and tell me that it can fight on par with the MiG-23.

King Tigers do fight Shermans.

*early shermans

br system is not exsist


That is what you said though?

many aircraft’s BR are determined by their CAS ability in GRB.

And far more ground attack aircraft are dictated by their air RB performance.