Smoke shells dont work!

Sometimes smoke shells explode but not create smoke, they are now like a less powefull HE.
Another strange bug is the smoke scream is created in the sky instead of the ground.



I think what’s happening is smoke shells are ricocheting and exploding with a delay (you can still use smoke shells no problem with this in mind, hit somewhere where the shell won’t ricochet). However, I still believe this is a bug because it doesn’t make sense for the smoke to linger in the air. If this were intended behavior, the smoke would surely leave a trail from where the shell started dispensing smoke to where it landed.

I am having the same issue. But only on certain tanks, like my M4.

3 weeks later, the problem still unsolved.


Same issue here, recently noticed that my T34 smoke shells just fail to deploy.
Here is a replay where it happens at ~3:58 Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

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Is annoying die because the game IS BROKEN and the devs are too busy adding stupid events than fixing the game. Is amazing how a important bug like that need more than ONE MONTH for a solution.

Yes, sometimes smoke directly dont appear after the shell impact and other the smoke appear in the middle of the sky…

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Near two months later the smoke shells continues broken.

Dont worry Gaijin for small things like that people stop spending money in your trash and mediocre product.