Smoke Grenades reload for a minute (1 min) per pair in cap zones in the latest patch (bug or new normal?)

So I just came out of a game where my ZTZ96A was reloading a pair of smoke grenades for 1 minute, kind of absurd. Went to the test range and tested a couple other vehicles, ZTZ99A, Type 90B, they also reload a pair of smoke grenades for 1 minute, it’s safe to say that all vehicles reload for this long.

I hope this is a bug and not the new normal?

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Haven’t seen it in the patch notes, I hope it gets fixed soon…

Gaijin, fix this

You can make a bug report at: Community Bug Reporting System

Just provide the necessary information and take a video of the bug and they’ll usually respond within 2-3 days

It’s a bug