I wonder if you can help at all with tactical advice, gameplay advice and survivability advice please?.
When i joined WT in 2013 a bought what I thought was a good premium to use to grind my Russian vehicle, but over the years so many pros and cons have put me off using it.
That is why I am asking for the advice of more long time players on how to use it in arcade battles .
Can you please give me hints and tips on how not to get the hell shot out of me and perhaps be able to grind out the in game camos for it .
Thankyou guys

If it was T-100 would be good but SMK is kinda tricky,

Set up select and shoot secondary and primary weapons then with this you can control both turrets individually,

SMK is not the vehicle that you should use to grind, as I said, isn’t easy to use,

The main 76mm L-11 has a powerful shell but with low penetration, uses the same KV-1 cannon
In other hand you have 45mm 20-K which uses the same rounds found in BT-5, 7 and 7M, isn’t bad and surely you’ll most use this than the 76 as it got APHE and more pen using the Solid round.

In conclusion: Just use it as a secondary vehicle, don’t rush, but, ambush, if you are sure about your position, then attack because SMK can hold some few penetrating shots, but watch out for the ammo in turret ring, as I doesn’t show the same amount you carry, the ammo visual discrepancy doesn’t really help.

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Why would the T-100 be better?
But otherwise - yes - using multi-turret tanks you have to become proficient at switching between the 2 (or more!) weapons.

And it is a BIG tank - hard to hide, and with only mediocre armor for it’s BR, so not really a great choice for grinding

Cooler, SMK is just a longer KV-1 with BT-7 turret in summary.

I would suggest using it Realistic where it might work much better, if that is an option for you.

In GRB, I just place a bush in front of the Bt-7 turret, and then fire that at the enemy. Many of them think I’ve fired the main gun, push out and then I fire the KV-1 gun.

I do pair it with a Zis-30 which I find is much more effective, at least in GRB, as the SMK is a bit of a battleship size target.

Generally I’ll use the SMK later in the match, where hopefully the enemy has used up their heavy/medium tanks and is now rolling light tanks.

should i keep the front covered ?

Your 4 crew will tank the shots,

But if you find a good position where you don’t expose your chassis, then yes, you should cover the chassis since if you lost the small turret, then you can leave the position with at least the driver on the chassis.

Since Gaijin fixed discrepancy, then bring around ~25 round for the 76mm cannon and ~40 for the 45mm, you’ll have a lot of space inside of the tank and most of the shells will be positioned at the rear, near the engine block.

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thankyou for the advice