"Small" rant about captured/lend lease vehicles in tech trees

I’m just a little bit annoyed at seeing vehicles such as Shermans, T-34s, F-16s etc scattered throughout the tech trees. I know it’s to add competitive vehicles for countries that need them, but with China being 95% copy-pasted did we really need to add that tech tree? How about the Finnish sub tree, what’s unique there? Sweden isn’t exactly struggling for equipment either, with the JAS-39A, Viggens and Drakens, and were doing just fine at lower ranks.

Now, captured vehicles/lend-lease I find have a place in the game, IF implemented correctly, such as the Israeli premium Spitfire, or certain vehicles based off of historical events/people. The other option would be modified vehicles (M-51, British Phantoms with Speys) which I find are cool additions. But name me why exactly Italy has 4 Shermans. It just… why? I understand they probably used them in real life… but four? Especially since it has the strongest Sherman BR for BR, which in my opinion should go to the US.

I am sick and tired of fighting the vehicle I am playing as. That’s all it comes down to. On the leak list, there was an Indian MiG-21 for Britain, and I even heard from someone it will be a rank VIII premium. I completely disagree with choices like this, and while the MiG-21 is one of my favourite jets and Britain is my main tech tree, I still don’t want it. Same as the JAS-39C, yeah I have the Gripen, but thats just because the Phantom wasn’t effective at top tier.

Sorry about this rant, leave your thoughts or whatever I’m just sick and tired of this.


China has a lot of domestic unique stuff in rank 5-6+ in both air/ground, but yeah their rank 1-3 probably should have been fully axed like Israel’s rank 1-3.

Overall I think we should have never went down this path of copypasta but now that we’re here, gaijin is never going to fix it.


I only see 3 tech tree shermans but all 3 are unique afaik, at the very least the composite is since its not found anywhere else.

The most exported tank, ever

Cheap, easy to produce, and a dime a dozen.

One of the most exported jet fighters…

Because they have only recently become self sufficient on military technology, and still holding onto and using a lot of old Cold War relics. Also china included the PRC and RoC.

The A-21 fighter sucked, but let’s talk Finland first. Finland is a lot like china, except actually keeping up in technology. The Viggen is getting a nerf, the Draken is getting a nerf, and Sweden had massive holes in the Ground TT pre Finland.

They historically used it, therefore it should be in their TT.

In an overarching and general sense, if a nation op-ed a vehicle, they should have it.


Yeah. This potential addition terrifies me. Its insane and stupid.

Gripen I can accept. South Africa is technically a sub-TT. But there were other options that Gaijin just straight up denied. But I just stuck a Typhoon skin on it and I treat it as a baby-Typhoon. But As soon as I get FA2. It probably wont be played.


Which is that?

By tech tree I mean the whole tree, premium as well. Should’ve made that clear. M4A4 isn’t exactly unique, it’s in most trees, and two Fireflies, one of which is already in Britain. The thing with the fireflies is that they should go to Britain, as they weren’t modified by Italy as far as I know.

Composite, 63.8mm frontal plate at 3.7, bounces a lot of shots.

Yes, but does it have to go with every country? I want the game to be exciting, I don’t want to have the same bland enemies every single match.

Does not exactly excuse having them throughout multiple tech trees. Yes I know they were exported/captured etc.

Same with the Sherman, it doesn’t have to be everywhere. I’m not saying this out of a realism point of view. I’m saying it out of gameplay. I. Want. To. Have. Fun. I want to need to change my tactics every so often so it’s not always point and click.

So do the same with Israel, take away their earlier tree.

Not generically, but specifically based on someone or an event yes. Remember this is all my opinion. I respect yours as well!

Finland is basically why I play the Swedish tree, and low-tier China has some really fun lineup possibilities.

Also, facing the same vehicle that you’re playing is the absolute gold standard of video game balance.


You’re free to not play whatever vehicles don’t interest you, we have literally thousands to choose from after all.

(You’re not free to tell others what they should or shouldn’t play in a multiplayer game, so don’t reply with that either.)


Okay theres a difference between balanced and the same.

I will play the vehicles that interest me, I am confused at what this is about.

I am also confused at your point here as well because I never said anything about telling others what they should play

The most common reply to “play what you want” tends to be “but I can’t stop other players from playing the copypaste/etc”. :P

I don’t care if other players play it, I just wish the matches would be more… unique? I just don’t want to fight the same thing every single match.

These stuff are pretty much exported everywhere in real life. However ahem F-16AJ ahem…

Gaijin likes sweden.

On ranks I-IV and air I-V probably yes because WWII era China barely had a military industry therefore importing almost everything and their aviation industry didnt begun to shine untill late 70s. Gaijin added them anyway for some reason…
On ranks IV onwards… are there actrually that much pure copy pastes? Most of them, as you said are implemented correctly, are or certain vehicles based off of historical events/people or with modifications based on the original.

Best solution of China is starting from rank IV at the beginning like israel but well the whole point of Gaijin adding China tree (from the tencent cilent to the “everyone” cilent) back in
is pretty much because it was near the

and Gaijin wanted all that Chinese player money… Winks

We all do.

This Mig-21 Bizon, as it is in real life, an aircraft modified heavily aswell not a copy paste.
Updated cockpit, new radar (Копё, iirc), fox 3 capabilities so on. Totally different except they looks probably similar…

Gaijin wants some bAlAnCe as I believe… No comment on this because i don’t want to get censored. ;)

Seeing the J-11A MLU on the leak list i feel the same especially they have plenty of unique alternative choices.

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I completely understand they are exported everywhere, but so were Hurricanes, are they in every tree? Nope. That’s not the point anyway, I wish gaijin would keep native to the countries they were developed in when possible, and make something like skins for the exported ones.

that’s a good point and I was corrected, but you see what I mean yeah?

wait was China added in 2019? gee I’m getting old

True, but like with the squadron vehicle MBT that’s Indian iirc I don’t want it in the tree. Same as the JAS-39, though then again Ii don’t knkow much about the MiG-21 Bizon so I guess I was wrong there.


a) The Shermans are exported to more opreators than the Hawker Hurricane.
b) The Hurricanes are currently in 3 trees ingame (UK, USSR, Sweden).
However I do want more Hurricanes though. I believe more fitting counterpart on this topic would be P-51 or the Spitfire; These aircrafts are largely exported aswell and ingame more trees includes them (6 trees has spitfires and thanks for gaijin’s battlepass copypaste spam, 7 trees now have P-51s). However I do hate brutal copy pastes… If there’s really no alternative like the Swede Konigstigre, fine. If there are plenty of alternatives and gaijin still insists on copy pastes… Well, [censored].


Yes. China has many unique modern vehicles that justifies its addition to the game. They could have very easily added the tree like they did Israel with an immediate skip to ~Rank IV where it starts producing actual unique vehicles.

But would it not be better suited for the Russian TT?

It is ultimately a Mig-21. Considering the dozen or so alternatives Britain could get (including aircraft britain actually used). Its just insane to add this to our TT. It’s also probably going to be totally DOA

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There is a case for copy paste vehicles in other tech trees but Gaijin really exaggerated. And I think most people are absolutists regarding this. Either entierely pro or entirely anti.

Your argument about not fighting your own stuff is legitimate. I also find it as a former Israel main to be a serious problem that Gaijin made it 90% copy paste, when even a tree just half that size but almost entirely unique vehicles, would be a much better experience. Because Gaijin doesn’t just do one stage of copy paste, but they take already copied vehicles and then copy them harder. Case in point - Magach line.

iirc the Russians has their Mig-21-93 as better candidate.
Perhaps Gaijin adding an India aircraft is because they want, y’know, the India money? :thinking:
Also it will be great if you can list alternative choises Britain has since I don’t know much about it.