Small maps have no business in top tier unless it's Berlin or anything equal

Top tier matchmaking for ground RB has no business making big maps smaller.
Match making is so stupid.
Why is Alaska even a map? A giant chunk that was a flank route is out of bounds. Another giant chunk is water. Simply. Amazing.
Why is Iberian castle on top tier but not Berlin?
Why is Alaska top tier but no Berlin?
Why is Rhine top tier but not Berlin?
Why is gaijin shrinking and changing maps?
Fulda should only have the big variety. As should Maginot.
I’m really frustrated by these map changes that remove flank routes and force everyone to play every tank as a brawler
Top tier needs to be a majority of giant maps.
Maps like HUGE Tunisia and Fulda are good for top tier.
Maps like Alaska are not good. Mapsike American desert that force you to go certain routes are also not good.
I would rather play old Normandy, Old Poland and Old Eastern Europe over any newer rendition.
It’s the mozdok problem all over again where they released mozdok, then changed mozdok except now they took maps that had hills and made everything flat. Where as they took flat mozdok and gave it hills.


Gaijin’s revenu comes from new players, new players cry, gaijin listens. New players dont have any skill or experience and cry, gaijin listens.
Seasoned players dont spend money gaijin dont llisten.
Seasoned playes seal bash new players, new players cry, gaijin listens

New players become seasoned, relise what gaijin are about and cry leave, gaijin dont listen and gets new players.

Gaijin is company, a business, its the nature of free to play or pay to win. Beside that they have made a great game, beats WoT. Just a shame they dont care about the players after they spent there money. Bit like the snail that laid the golden egg. They even blamed the player base for writing reviews and turning away new players


Berlin is bad.

I can’t recall ever getting a match on huge Tunisia, before like 2 weeks ago. After that I’ve had it a few times, maybe like 6.

I love it. Battling around the B point bridge is great fun, and the long range engagements are actually not frustrating at all. I think it’s partially due to the absence of vegetation. (I don’t like being sniped by some guy in a bush 4.5km away)

On a barren desert map however the parties are more equal, you see them and they see you. It doesn’t feel as random if you die, if you know what I mean.


War Thunder’s maps are too small for high tier. Berlin is a knife fight and should be restricted to Arcade battles.

CQC knife fights are more fun and engaging than long range sniping. Huge maps also only benefit those with spaded tanks and disadvantage those with stock vehicles.

Yes play Ground Arcade battles.

If you want long range mindless sniping why don’t you get play simulator? we could go back and forth all day if you want, doesn’t chage the fact that it disadvantages non-spaded tanks

These same exact small maps are found in simulator.

The game is not balanced around non-spaded tanks.

Non-spaded top tier tanks start with HEAT-FS, it’s not meant to be functional. Gaijin wants to encourage you to buy modifications with golden eagles.

Further, larger maps aren’t a death knell for stock tanks. At long range you can focus on the only thing you can do as a stock tank, assist farming. Especially as a light tank with the scouting ability.

Large maps do not mean there is no CQC. Good maps with good map design have a measure of both and allow players to choose how they want to approach. The best example of this currently ingame is Fulda / European Province after rework. For Fulda if you want CQC you go to the castle. For European Province if you want CQC you go for the small town at C or the center at B.

Good maps have both. Small maps do not allow you to have both. Large maps do.

Large > Small

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