Small (low player count) matches in ground RB

Can we see an end to matches with half the players a typical full match has? It’s rather frustrating to have all but 2/3 people leave in a few minutes and what’s left just gets curb-stomped into the ground by the remaining enemy team. Hell I’ve seen these small matches end within 5 minutes and it just isn’t fun, Gaijin I’d rather wait a minute for a full match than quickly have a match with only a handful of players.

TLDR: small teams aren’t fun and a waste of time in ground RB (especially at higher BRs)

What battle rating? I do notice it depends on server activity. Time of day could be a factor. Also day of the week. I find weekends usually have more activity.

On a similar note but different mode, I see constant low player matches mostly in 8.3 air arcade. Usually 7 or so on each team with 5+ minute waits. It looks like they have a few human players and the rest are A.I like in naval

In my experience not a lot changes that, one match will be full, the next with a handful then a full match again even when there’s plenty of people online. I usually play 8.0-11+ and how full the match is doesn’t seem to change a whole lot between those BRs.