Slower ammunition in self-propelled artillery

Hello, I am a fresh owner of vidar and after playing today this thought occurred to me. Maybe the developers would add bullets flying 200-250m/s, and add an option to aim ahead as the barrel is raised to that 60°. This would be to add an option for indirect fire like on lower br. The developers are introducing more and more of these vehicles so why would they deprive them of their basic function? I know this ammunition would not be viable, but it would give the option to play with real artillery

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I don’t think different propellant charge levels are modelled in the game. They would have to add a whole different “shell” that had that mv.
I think that would be cool and allow derpy antics if not serious artilleryman is serious stuff.
You should suggest this over on the “suggestions to developers” section instead of here.

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I create new one in suggestion. Thx for help

They don’t add fake shells. If you know a shell used by the specific arty find sources and the munitions properties and make a report.

He’s not asking about projectiles. Artillery can use different amounts of propellant to get different angles, time of flight, range etc.

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Show sources of the arty he wants using ammo of a specific powder charge and its ballistic characteristics and performance and make a suggestion about it. Just provide some source material to support it.

Sekrut Dokuments!!! He asked for Sekrut Dokuments!!!
Go read any artillery book you like. I guess in this case 155mm std NATO.

It’s not for me. To add munitions you have to provide source material. It’s the forum rules. No evidence they won’t accept it.

Fair point.

I looked and I am unable to find any sources.