Sliver Lion refund, + Remove the TK from my record please

As you can see in this video, I was flying in a straight line Never shot a missile or the cannon. and you can Cleary SEE the guy in the F-14B Kept changing his directions and flying towards me and rammed on purpose, So why Do I get the teamkill penalty? If I can’t get the SL Refunded, I want at least this case to be dismissed and not counted on my history. I’m Clean since 2016 I first started playing the game. I like to keep my Account history clean as much as possible, Proud of it.

Side note: Didn’t complain him in game as game already said ‘‘i’m killed him’’

Server replay: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On
Video link:

Edit: Can’t really 100% Say It was on purpose, But I believe it was possible For him to see me since he wasn’t going Supersonic when he dropped speed and alt as well as he headed to my direction.

I Kept flying straight I didn’t need to look right or left you can also check that in the server replay in your client.

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Please use the server replay report option if you think a player needs to be reviewed by the game masters.