SL Talisman idea

Due to my suggestion into ECO was pending and suddenly disappeared without even letting me know why, i decided to post the idea here.

So i had a idea about adding a another talisman that you could buy to your vehicle and that would be a talisman that would make you gain +100% SL. The Talisman we have right now in game only add +100%RP which isnt bad…but when you have favore vehicles to play and you have whole TT completed. Plus i think for people who woulnt like to spend much money on premium vehicles it would be cheaper option. The GE price would be same as the RP Talisman. You would be able to get it from WB shop or from battle throphies. And even if you would buy both RP and SL Talisman on 1 vehicle i dont think it would concure to premium vehicles.

Feel free to let me know if you would like to see something like this in game because personally i would love to.

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Possibly, I think the actual talisman can be cost a little more expensive (+5%) and give +15% SL.

But GJ never do that and premiums vehicles will stay the more efficiency vehicles for earn SL.

I know but for players that cant or don’t want to spend much on premium vehicles this would be a great option for them.

Dont know about to give +15% when the Talisma we have in game gives +100% RP. So making the SL Talisman cost more and give only +15% make no sense.

Talismans should remain an aid, not a replacement for premium vehicles.

How it would be replacement then even with the Talisman the Premium vehicles would still have bigger RP and SL multiplier. You could say same thing about current Talisman? It gives you more RP so i can replace premium vehicles.

I think talismans should be… purchasable by Silver Lions after unlocking ace qualification (or maybe just earning it via combat experience).
It would be a… sentimental value reward, of sorts.


That could also work…dint know about the Ace crew as sometimes it takes a LONG time to get it. So unless you are only playing 1 vehicle for a month straight you will not be able to get it. But other then that…yeah.

There should be two types of talismans, the one we have in game rn and the one suggested that gives an additional sl boost to make a TT vehicle essentially a premium. This would create a much more diverse matchmaker, instead of seeing the same tanks/planes/ships at certain br brackets all the time.

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Through rose tinted glasses only maybe. Personally I played sub 7.7ish and apart from after initial releases I don’t see many spammed premiums (as in noticeably large percentage).

The Top Tiers issue will be players who mainly are using one Premium to grind an entire tree (and there are no TT Premiums, ever) , so they will not have a tech tree vehicle to talisman in such a way.

Talis = RP
Premium vehicle = SL + RP
Premium = SL + RP.

With supposed changes on their way a new SL talisman might not be needed so I suppose best to wait and see.