SL repair costs US/RUS

So what’s up with the repair costs of aircraft when you compare US top ranks to Russian top ranks? Looking at the cost of repair we are looking at almost twice the repair costs when comparing the two tech trees.

How do you mean?
Top tier jets from both nations should cost around the same in repair costs.

Of course they are cheaper to repair, if you use them stock, without modification upgrades.
The cost shown on the stat card shows the current cost to repair it, with the modifications equipped on the plane.
So to compare the repair-cost of two different planes, they should have the same modifications researched and equipped. The increased cost is displaed on the modification card.

As an example:

The F-16C is 7.808 SL stock and 12.777 SL spaded
The SMT is 7.757 SL stock and 12.769 SL spaded

What you could have done is compare a spaded vehicle witha a stock one.

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they are almost exactly the same, you are probably looking at spaded vs stock planes.

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