SKR-7 is too strong at BR 4.3 increase its BR to 4.7 or 5.0

This ship at BR 4.3 is OP.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is most likely someone who knows very well that it is OP and wants to keep it that way.

If you’re far enough away, rockets will wipe you out, and if you’re closer, say goodbye to your weapons while they take out the rest of you. And it feels a lot heavier than something like this should be.

Honestly, this thing is one of the big reasons why people don’t persevere with naval. It’s not exactly fun to go in and get slapped around by some clubber in this OP thing.


it was ok pre-update but now HE shell spam wins in naval.
the fact that so many people spam it should be evidence enough of how OP it is


Naval is either clubbing or getting clubbed.

Would you play with SKR against 6.0 ships? Exactly…

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Wasnt, you can find plenty of threads about it. But WT players are so selfish that they only care about it when they are on worse end. When they get downtiered they dont care and enjoy it.

There is plenty of ships like this. Useless in uptier, stomping in downtier.


Wrong. This ship was op before current update due to broken dm. Now each destroyer salvo takes around 20% of its crew and on top of that skr is prone to ammoracking. Any 4.7 destroyer or cruiser anihilates it in seconds.

Yeah the HE update goes both ways. Spam ships definitely got a massive damage buff, but they’re also a lot easier to kill with destroyer HE.

And if you think SKR-7 is bad at 4.3, imagine facing Isuzu or Dealey in a 2.7.

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I confirm there have been several posts repeatedly pointing out the SKR-7 for being too strong a ship for its BR, and that it needed to be increased their BR. It’s obviously the moderators ignored them I wonder if this forum is of any use since when a problem is pointed out on Russian vehicles they actively ignore the problem except when there is a need to repair or upgrade a Russian vehicle then the problem is fixed immediately.

But you forgot to mention that of all the ships in the game this remains the most obscenely OP ship compared to all the others.

If it’s true that the developers put the “Freccia P-493” at BR 4.7, a patrol boat with only 3 40mm cannons, then “SKR-7” should be at least at BR 5.0 since it’s a much better armed frigate. (Rockets, Torpedoes, HE 75mm rapid-fire projectiles).

I don’t see anything wrong with SKR-7 meeting 6.0 ships, let the Russian players learn to play for once.


While I agree that SKR is indeed OP for it’s BR, I certainly know that it isn’t issue of just SKR.

USA DDs are OP too for their BR and nothing is being done.
Scharnhorst is most OP battleship in the game for almost 3 years and nothing is being done about it.

The explanation is simple - BR compression which as it currently stands is unsolvable. We would need to completely restructure TT and gamemodes to allow any meaningful decompression.