Can something be done to nerf SKR-7?

I’m finally sick of it. For its BR its just too powerfull with this strange autocannons and these instagib missiles. Its also somehow super tanky, despite its just a small boat and has no armor, no size and just few crew. Make it at least susceptible to enemy damage. It can tank dozen oder dozens 100mm HE shells and is immune to all kind of autocannons… Why?


Yes, something must be done about its ridiculous black hole armour.


I even need several full hit salvos with 28cm HE shells from my Sharnhorst, when someone spawns it there. This is beyond idiotic. Where is this tankyness comming from? Its unarmored irl and just a small boat. One HE hit should be the end for this thing.


Just the broken damage model that some ships have.

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I think part of the problem is that AP shells don’t fuse. They should, but they don’t.


I was in HMS Renown last night and encountered one (thankfully it was a bot, so no threat) but it moved really close. Too close for my main guns. I thought, “No problem, I’ll just take it out with my other armament” I dumped multiple secondary salvos into it (unfortunately several were out of action and the others kept getting damage) so instead I just dumped a full broadside of my entire CIW into it. Thats 20mm and 40mm galore. Nothing. I did no damage. How!?!. That would have sunk a destroyer, but that thing was unscathed


Looking at protection analysis, 283 mm Psgr. L/4.4 APCBC has a fuse sensitivity of 15 mm. But when you simulate a shot on the 15 mm armour of the SKR-7, it just goes right through.


Alot lower and even BR ships in its BR bracket have not even AP. And its immune to HE shells, well almost. Have you ever seen an SKR-7 breaking into the boat area and start to lolkill 3.3, 3.7, 4.0 boats…with these autocannons while beeing almost immune to enemy fire? The often rack up 10+ kills in no time.


The same can be said about the German Bussard.

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I’ve thought about this for a while now & I think there’s a few things that can be done to this Project 35 Escort Ship, While I’ve not played the Project 35 a lot I’ve played similar ships like with the Project 159 (AK-726 mounts) or Project 1331M (RBU-6000).

heads up there’s a bit of rambling ahead,

• Raise its BR from 4.3 - 4.7, This isn’t a new BR for such a vessel since the Freccia class Motoconvertibili are both 4.7 (those being Freccia P-493 & Saetta P-494).

• Increase the repair costs, TBH I’m surprised (RB wise) that this thing along with the Project 159 are so cheap to repair (SKR-1 18.4k, SKR-7 17.5K) as hell the other SKR’s are just slightly lower at 15K (Project 2) & 16K (Project 50) an those are far worse ships for their BR & looking at similar ships those are either less effective an have near close repairs eg frigate type ships within the BR range 3.3 - 4.3:

  • Restigouche class DDE is 17.8k, Mixed armament one good turret one worse no torpedoes & hard to aim depth charges, IMO does jack all to an SKR-7.

  • Isuzu class DDE is 18.3k (old repair 20k) with worse cannons & a horrible ASW rocket depth charge that’s best left off the ship.

  • Ayanami class Destroyer at 18.3k (old repair was 25k), like the Isuzu class a good counter to these SKR’s but economically unfeasible due to ammunition costs.

  • Chikugo class/ Ikazuchi class DDE both at 16.2k, Not sure how these thing has a repair slightly lower than the SKR-7 & tbh these past five ship classes technically all have vintage WWII armament vs the AK-726 mounts from the 1960’s.

  • Hiburi class Kaibōkan at 17.4k (old repair 20k), Not sure how this thing is just under the cost of a SKR-7 as it’ll rip that thing a new one real quick especially with it’s absolute ridiculous side AA ammunition magazine that a AK-726 mount can hit.

  • Chidori class Torpedo Boat at 18.2k, again how is a WWII vessels with more limitations more expensive then a 1960’s frigate?? Of course it can counter it at extreme distance thanks to SAP ammunition.

  • Tacoma class Frigate at 18.6k (old repair 20k, Oldest repair 54k (I’ll never understand how this at one point cost more then some Dreadnoughts)), AGAIN it’s more expensive??? With even more limitations ntm if you meet an SKR-7 it’s be sunk in under 30 seconds.

  • Type 12 ASW Frigate & Type 41 AD Frigate 18.2k (old repair 25k & 30k), Probably the best counter well at distance & from a broadside on fight but also economically unfeasible due to ammunition costs.

  • Project 1331M ASW Corvette at 17.8k (oldnew repair was to be but removed 30k), A more restricted vessel but can’t really fight an SKR (duh it’s an MPK a smaller warship type ofc it’ll fail unless in CQC).

  • Project 50 namely SKR Yenot & SKR Karl Marx at 16.3k, I’m not sure how they can even be close to the SKR-7 repair & tbh the SKR Yenot should be sub 5k & a lower BR.

  • Albatros class Corvette at 16.7k, Two rather imo mediocre 76 mm cannons that won’t really damage an SKR-7 & will get pulverised by the AK-726 mounts.

If I had my way the SKR-7 would become the most expensive frigate type warship costing up to 50k (probably just 30k) to repair & SKR-1 at 25k, essentially swapping what repair the brits once had.

• Ammunition costs are increased, Not to helpful since standard HE is free but the HE-VT shells & torpedoes & ASW rocket assisted depth charges now cost more to use with the HE-VT being like 60 sl or if they ever did this make the ammunition into belts & make each belt cost a ridiculous amount of SL like the ammunition for the 3"/50 Mk.22 cannons with their most expensive belt being 6700 sl (Found on the Destroyer JDS Ayanami DD-103).

• Damage model is remodelled so it doesn’t tank all the damage, I think I remember reading somewhere on the forums that it has a destroyer DM while all other frigates are limited to horrible frigate DM’s, Either those are changed (or vice versa all frigates get that DM if that was true) or the ship is remodelled & is more susceptible to damage.

• Possibly controversial point but make it TT, This will likely cause it to be seen less as it’ll force players to research it by conventional means over squidron RP, It would probably be placed after SKR-1 & than the squidron vessel replaced by something less OP maybe a Project 1135M fitted with two AK-100 mounts or a Project 11661 (a small frigate with gun armament found on current in game soviet corvettes like the Project 1241.2 & Project 1331M).

  • TBH the devs ain’t new to controversy changes or daft ones at that as hell there’s a vessel in game that used to be Rank I but is now Rank V or the whole TT split as well (which was a mistake imho).

fuse sensitivity just means ‘minimum thickness to start fuze delay start working’ not meaning 'thickness that round immediately explode. it took 0.035 seconds for 28.3 cm AP to explode after penetrating ‘at least’ 15 mm of steel. And SKR’s hull is thin enough for 28.3 cm AP to pass through during 0.035 seconds of flight time

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in ground and even air GJ makes BR changes due to their secret “statistics” I am sure the resp. data of the SKR and PR206 are in their own dimension - far away from other ships/boats…
Looking at the actual BR-changes where they nerf the french tanks to death…
But in naval nothing happens…

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I only have the one with 7.6cm guns and it still annihilates anything within sight other than airplanes.

If it helps, I made a post about the SKRs back in January last year, even went as far deep into the topic as digging out the damage model for the damn thing and posting the map of the crew distribution (in the last post of the thread)

But there was also some good, constructive discussion here, with a decent counter-arguments as for why the current balancing is fine, presented further down in the comments:

SKR-7 is definitely OP. needs to be moved to BR 4.7 or 5.0.
why do Russian ships always have to have lower BRs than the ship actually deserves?

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as has been said many times
to fix most of the naval problems would only require the barest amount of thinking
and the one thing gaijun is expert at is the barest amount of thinking

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if it performed as it is actually built IRL it would not be a problem … even at 3.3

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It is not a problem on its current BR.

And well wt is not a real life. Irl ships perform worse due to machinery and crew exhaution and due to shells generally dealing way less damage. But if you have some more specific data, you should bug report it.

ohh wow … we needed a genius here
i am so glad you helped us out
well done

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Yes it is, lol