Skipping BRs with certain nations

I play GRB and mostly WW2. I’m getting bored with it now and looking to move forwards.I play all nations.

I have the big 3 at 6-7 BR and I am wondering if there are areas or certain nation line ups that are recognized as terrible or you just hate playing.

For example is Germany Cold War worth skipping and where does Germany get good again?

Is Russia the same?

Just looking for advice on how to proceed moving forward. I hate the WW2 /Cold war era overlap and want out of it but what next? Where is the fun line up in Cold war and later BRs,what should I avoid or push through.
I know I have to grind the garbage to reach the good but its a long road potentially to nothing.

Any assistance welcome ,thanks.

It’s hard to say what you will like when it comes to post war- modern tanks. I generally suggest playing China as they have a good mix of vehicles throughout the tech tree to try out both from the US and Russian philosophies of tank design.

Germany is very good at a myriad of B.R’s depending on how you play, and have great higher tier tanks. The only real gap you have at the moment where there are no tanks to play with is 7.0-7.3. Russia also has great higher tier in my experience. Hope this helps.

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I know I am moving into a new game almost and will have to adapt big time so I will take any suggestions.


Np, also usually if you want to be a bit more aggressive I think Russia is the way to go, whereas Germany has the better tanks 1v1 but require a little bit more finesse to play. Would need someone who has played a bit more of higher tier than I to clarify further tho ^^

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For the big 3, no. All 3 are pretty good with different strength and weaknesses but u may struggle with the starter vehicle like the M-60, leo 1 and T54 since your opponents may have stab or better gun at .3 br higher.

Kinda subjective no? But Ger cold war stuff are pretty decent with multiple line up but kinda meh CAS.

US 8.0-8.3 with stab is pretty fun, Ger have very strong lineup from 8.0 - 9.3 and the light tank line are fun af, USSR have pretty good lineup at 7.3 and 8.7, 8.3 can be a bit underwhelming tho.

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I played Germany up to 8.3 because it has a nice lineup there, but I don’t plan on playing past it because of the lack of airpower and lack of unique vehicles in any of their trees.

Russia is pretty fun at 7.7 and 8.0 and I’ve heard a ton of people say that 8.7+ is pretty good. Plus they have plenty of planes and different vehicles on the way to top tier. Their 10.0 lineup and above are pretty good too, and top tier is great as well. Just beware of slow reloads, no reverse speeds, and slow traverse rates.

US has great options from 7.7 onward, but the players you see at 10.3 and 11.3 are pretty sad. The 9.0 and 9.3 lineups have pretty strong vehicles and good AA and CAS options.

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