Is there a plan to allow console players to have access to custom player skins?

they cant… Gaijin would want it too, but Sony/Microsoft keep there system closed…


^ Something like that

Gaijin would like everyone to have access to the same content no matter what device you use to play, but some things are just out of their control

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I doubt. If they allow console player to purchase those crap of craters for GE, why they cannot allow us to purchase a single skin? There are some skins that can be purchased only with 200 GE and not by killing plane (re 2005 for example). Why can they do not make the same with all the other skins that people put on the PC marketplace? Microsoft and Sony will not have anything to say because they already took the cut by purchasing on their store the necessary GE. What people do with such GE does not interest MS or Sony. So, I really think that is Gainji fault. That’s all.

The last time i purchased GE via the PS store is quite a while back… because I purchase then with 3% off in the Gaijin store…