Will we somehow get our “user skin sample” as a PSD file template somehow? makes it so that instead of getting a default skin in form of TGA where we have to create our own rivets, panel line, base model etc etc we just get unpainted plane with layers of other important matter like rivets, panel line, and things like these?

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What I advised new skinners to do in the past is to make the template, change it to make different regions different colors, and then that’d start at least plotting out where the skins boundaries are…

A possible easy way is to download someone elses skins, and use them as an overlay/template to compliment your template.

Not really possible at the moment, it would require a lot of work from the Devs, but you can ask skin makers if they are willing to share their own template or part of them

Just make sure not to use other Authors work without their permission, using their skins as a rough guide for all of the parts should be fine, but make sure not to steal their panel lines and rivet or other details

So there’s a chance in the far future that we may get a raw PSD file for skinner resource by Gaijin itself?

Old forum had thread for this but links will be probably expired

You can also find blank templates on live


Damn, thanks, google doesn’t link the old forum anymore, you’re a godsend.

You can also look up something like #template or #psd etc and may have results from other user templates as well

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