Sir GM'S can you unban my account pleasee i changed my nickname now

i changed my ign now i am hoping to unban me for my nickname

Do you want to re-read the message you have posted and actually do what it asks?

you can find a GM here: Who is who and Reporting Procedure

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already pm 4 gm’s
and i wanna daily logs i dont wanna lose my 576days huhuhuhhu

Cant expect them to just be ready on your whim, if you cared so much about your login streak you shouldnt have chosen a name that was against the TOS.

my ign is PHDRUNK earlier

Früher wurden die Adolf_1488 Accounts nur stumpf in Renamed1122334455 oder so umbenannt aber mit Sperre und paar Tage zappeln und drüber nachdenken lassen scheint es wirkungsvoller zu sein.

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What is an AngleTiger anyway?

Angewinkelter Tiger, nehme ich an

Oh ja, natürlich danke

They banned you for that name? Really lmfao. I’ve seen more than 10 people with 1488 in their name in sqrb alone

Some have been renamed, not all. And not me.
But what´s wrong with PHDRUNK? I don´t get it.