Since we're not going to model the Bradley's launcher how it is IRL why haven't we buffed it?

Manual selection to fold okay fine let’s force close it

Why haven’t you modeled the first gear to be below launcher fold speed so we can at least have some decent mobility with our IFV?


Just because the launcher is up doesn’t mean you can fire it.

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Yeah the launcher needs to open to fire it, stopping is easy I’m a 30 ton tank

the point is its easier to stop and fire instantly but instead we have to wait for an unrealistically long folding sequence. Any real Bradley crew would never fold the launcher in a small 2km map where they will encounter enemies. It’s also manual, so we should be in control of it as the commander. Why can the dedicated tank destroyer Khrizantema not fold down but an IFV does?

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It’s worse than that.

The launcher is folded to avoid collision of objects on the launcher.

What mechanic isn’t modeled ingame because it was tested and found to be too aggravating for players to deal with? Barrel collision.

Currently the Bradley and other folding launcher IFVs are treated abnormally compared to every other tank in the game where barrel collision isn’t modeled.

Barrels do not suffer collision penalties why is the Bradley and other similar launcher mechanisms forced to suffer collision related mechanics? Illogical and frustrating.

from my understanding the vibrations from movement whilst unfolded could damage the launcher in the long run, but this is definetly not someone who is in active combat is gonna give half a shit about

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Hello, sorry to hijack this thread again but I want to inform ya’ll that I just filed this bug report on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle’s TOW launcher manual override.

Unlike other bug reports that didn’t get very far, mine has sources, so let’s see how it goes.

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