Since this hasn't been brought over from the other forums. Can we talk about "destroyed" planes?

Can we please get something done about aircraft damage models in naval? “Aircraft destroyed” means nothing if the aircraft can still drop ordinance on a ship. It would be nice to differentiate between planes that can’t do that any more due to an “unconscious” pilot and a plane with no tail or wings that can still manage to drop a full load of bombs on your ship.


Same in all modes - it is destroyed when no-one else can do any damage to it, but there’s often still a few seconds left when gunners can hit you or it can release bombs.

Isn’t going to change.

Their is no point to adding such a thing that already exist if you actually pay attention, the game will tell you what you might have damaged on the enemy plane and it will tell you if the pilot is unconscious, if you do not receive such notification you should assume they are alive, it is no different from ground battles. Even if their was a idiot proof change to tell you that (unless your in arcade in which case if their gamertag is no longer their they pilot is certainly dead, if not they are still alive so it is obvious) it would make no difference, if your using a frigate or anything larger you will not be incapable of making quick actions that would benefit from a more obvious indication, if you are trying to avoid them bombing you to begin with you should consider taking evasive actions to throw off their bombs even if they have been released as to distance yourself from them and lessen the damage assuming your actually moving which you should be since if you are sitting still you are making yourself easy target and you will not be able to maneuver away from them unless they are dropping the bomb from high up using a bomb sight since anything that decides to do dive bombing will be a death sentence.

This mechanic should be revised in the future, according to the roadmap.

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My point is more that planes that have no controls, wings, tails, and the like shouldn’t be dropping bombs and destroying anything. In arcade, it’s especially annoying as a free plane is destroying a 30k SL ship. If you are unlucky enough to be in a ship with bad AA, which are quite numerous, the situation is even worse.

Even if they have no controls what difference does that make, they are still going to fall back down to the ground however they have no control where they will land, it’s always been a thing since the game has existed, if you take a ground RB match for example, if you are in such a destroyed state but you will land near the enemy AA that shot you down and you still have a bomb left are you going to just bail out or drop the bomb on them before you crash, would you want to let all the SP you used go to complete waste or not?
The only solution I could image that would change anything is that gaijin were to improve the modeling of aircraft that their is a way to disable weaponry which doesn’t really exist outside of radar guided missiles not because of any control linkages or anything like that but that they need the radar to work, however that would mean reworking every single one in-game and I would imagine they could still be hard to knock out even if they were added that it would make little difference (or at the very least not a significant one).
Also as for the repair cost thing, that really just an issue with naval which is the reason I rarely play it since I don’t go into it outside of destroyers and expect to make SL, otherwise you are asking for maximum pain and suffering without a premium ship.

You can make very good SL in naval without a premium ship, with the exception of being killed by aircraft. Hence my problem with it, and one of the major problems with naval in general. Free planes should not be able to suicide into a 30k SL ship after being shot to pieces. I think after a certain threshold of damage, the pilot should be considered bailed out of the plane and it should be unable to use its ordinance.

And you can say this with certainty because…?

This is why you don’t stop firing your AA defence until the grey box of the aircraft disappears as you never rely on the simple target/aircraft destroyed message, Doing this you’ll rarely succumb to a crippled bird.

The devs have encouraged this idea of being still capable of combat until the bitter end for yonks since the Battle is On! trailer of 2014 which is narrated by the glorious actor Michael Gambon.

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I never said you couldn’t, I said it is an unrealistic expectation, and honestly I wouldn’t count an aircraft as the only thing that can make it hard to make sl since it highly depends on your opponents and what ship(s) you are using, the reason I mentioned destroyers is because I consider them profitable to play, cruisers can be questionable depending on which one in question, and battleships and battlecruisers are definitely not something you use to grind SL because if you die it will hurt.
Honestly I rarely have seen people spawn in a free aircraft though I think it would be a little stupid when you can use an aircraft you own, the whole reason it exist is for anyone who is too lazy to grind out an aircraft. If you really find it annoying by the fact they are a free aircraft why not just pursue a simpler change, just treat their deaths likes the normal aircraft or in other words they have a repair cost now, only difference then is that you have very few choices of what you can use and you might not get what you want, would that not be fair and simpler?

Because it’s been asked for lots of times and they have repeatedly said “it’s not going to change” or words to that effect.

Go look for it in the old forum while you still can.

… and what he said!

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Even a plane with engine on fire, wing destroyed, it’s still able to release bombs if it has any.
Quite realistic, I don’t see anywere need to be “fixed”

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Japanese kamikaze Pilot feels mortally offended.

well with this newer update to the aircraft im hoping damaged planes more so those that a flaming comets, will suffer control lock outs in much the same way as with high G lock outs, i think its a hardy pilot who can still drop his bombs when hes surrounded by flames and in a smoke filled cockpit.

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