Since Sweden is a NATO member

Well, now that Sweden is a NATO member, how about we see the ability to buy Israel with Rank IV from Sweden, as they are now an ‘Ally’ through NATO.

Thats not how that works.


Israel are not in NATO


wait what? how is that possible USA didn’t get any europeon tanks nor jets

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Hold on, let me clear this up. I meant like how it requires Rank IV of some nations to be able to purchase Israeli ground TT. Seeing as how they are now a part of a friendly organization, can we be able to buy Israel from Sweden rank IV.

That’s not what I meant.

Yep, either that or no Swedish content for the next 6 months.

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That is where you are mistaken. Israel has nothing to do with NATO, other than having shared interests (nations do not have have friends) with some of its members.
The “feeder” nations for the Israeli tree, are that way because (besides “Gaijin reasons”) they were periodic suppliers of equipment to them.

That’s not how it works. If we’re going by that logic, Israel should be able to be unlocked through Germany too but not the USSR. Israel can be unlocked through the US, Great Britain, France, and USSR because it has vehicles from those countries. It has nothing to do with how friendly a country is to another. In current politics, Russia, the successor state to the USSR, is most certainly not politically friendly to Israel, but Israel can still be unlocked by getting to rank 4 of the USSR.


I see, that makes more sense. Too bad it’s locked behind a wall anyway.

The reason those nations can purchase Israel is because they had a direct involvement in Israel’s military development, not because they were in NATO.

“There iz no proof of Strv-122B armor modifikations komrad, iz normal”

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