Since new update, bombs not killing armored targets

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“Anyone that thinks CAS is not over powered (especially of those at least moderately skilled at CAS) is a liar or incompetent. (<=== both of which are wrong, as in the opposite of correct/right/accurate)”

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I think certain weapons are overpowered, but not CAS at large. I think there are mechanics which interact with CAS that encourage abuse, but not CAS itself being abusive.

Clearly though, you hate planes so much that you cannot think straight, let alone in a logical manner. Maybe you should instead consider other games with no planes or helicopters present instead of trying to progressively gut the game mode into “virtually tank only mode” it was never meant to be.

stopped reading here:

GoneToTheAether <===

By all means, maintain your ignorance, and limit yourself. I only wish for that personal choice of yours to limit yourself to stop harming me and everyone else, by force-feeding you the counters to help yourself with and buffing them to the degree where you have no excuse left not to use them anymore.