Since new update, bombs not killing armored targets

So I play ground battles mostly, and I tried going in my SU-25 to Kill some tanks with my rockets, several direct hits and no kills. then I went into a test for my su-25 and took out some 500kg bombs; since there is a bomb computer it’s pretty easy to hit targets accurately. I dropped a 500kg bomb on the M48 in the drive and nothing happened, just a track disabled. I then dropped another and same thing. I respawned and dropped 8 500kg bombs right on top of the m48, and still no kill. I know I am not doing anything wrong, so why is this happening ?

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Got a replay? I haven’t had issues yet in my planes, but I haven’t done USSR cas since the patch.

Now you know how us in spaas feel when we kill your plane but still get shot at after you die hmm.


It seems to only be an issue on soviet planes

I’ve been killed by CAS numerous times, seems to be working as normal.

@Sweedish_Gunner @BOOM_PlanePlane I can’t upload the video here, and I apologize for the bad quality in advance but here is a link to it on youtube


I would definitely bug report that, something is not right.

Wow I really got hushed on my reply, It wasn’t even negative wtf man

I think it should reduce damage to tanks, as planes have a tremendous advantage over tanks

Explosive damage have been reduced long ago, more than half a year. Since that time, s24 can only kill tanks even light armor units by directly hit. So as bombs and any other explosives.

I can confirm

Happened several time, 2x 1000lbs bombs on aa Tiger I - hit cam shows it hit directly his side, and i get a “hit”

Today again i dropped 2x 1000 on a US heavy, hitcam shows it landed on tehtop of the turret - again “hit”

i wish this were the case, permanently. Planes are simply too effective and powerful. Especially when you factor in how easy they are to spawn (low cost)

Ordinance nerfs help nobody in the long run. Hence why no matter how many take place, nothing really serious changes.

Tanks are only allowed to be that much more careless and aggressive with bombs in such a pitiful state.

Planes, already the most expensive units ingame to spawn, become even less worth spawning, due to even worse killing efficiency for the SP cost.

The cycle goes like this:

  1. Tankers whine planes are “overpowered”.
  2. Whining snowballs for any number of reasons, igniting a dumpster fire at Gaijin HQ.
  3. Upper management screams at devs “fix this now, I DON’T CARE HOW!”
  4. Devs are rushed and blanket-nerf ordinance.
  5. Whining placated for a couple weeks to a month.
  6. Pilots adjust their aim, new weapon(s) get added, or nerf is rolled back.
  7. Repeat from 1).

Hence why whenever a typical CAS rant thread pops up, my lengthy solution dedicates so much space to making counters far easier to learn and far more available. With counters practical to learn in short amounts of time, and guaranteed-available, most people will eventually stop complaining & learn them.

SPAAG are overkill-nerfed in too many aspects, and too difficult for the average joe to learn. SAMs are in many cases also not great outside specific examples. CAP is far too expensive. The SP system itself is too prone to snowballing. Revenge bombing is encouraged by awful mechanics, which have not once been adjusted instead of immediately resorting to boneheaded weapon nerfs. Tanks are stuck on sardine-can maps, reinforced by archaic separation of caps and spawns. And lastly, CAS just has nothing else to really DO but be the biggest pain in the neck to tanks as possible, when most real CAS targeted supply lines, airfields, bunkers, and artillery dugouts instead of tanks directly.

Right off the bat… No… For those of us that Know that planes and their ordinances are OP, this is the opposite of true/accurate (and yeah, i read your long drawn out list, but no… this is simply inaccurate to say or think)

Nope, ordinance nerfs deprive the guy whining of the chance to learn their way out of their problem, and the nerfs get blanket-applied to every other game mode, causing sometimes massive collateral damage.

So they really don’t help anyone in the long run. They’re a brief injection of painkiller for a fundamentally chronic injury, of which the solution is empowering the counters so much that the people doing the whining no longer have any excuse to keep whining.

no. Your argument invalidates any/all ordinance nerfs… So things that are blatantly OP (for any number of reasons) “cant/shouldnt” be nerfed/changed… which is stupid and most importantly Not accurate.

Except planes are not “overpowered.” They are unfairly demonized by blind fools who refuse to learn to use the correct tools to counter them.

Such people should be forced under no uncertain terms to learn how to use those tools. If they don’t, it should be intentionally set up to where they have noone to blame but themselves when CAS kills them.

No, they are blatantly over powered. They cost Way too little spawn points and have free reign to kill ground targets, 99% of the time.

There is a reason that there is a phrase/stereotype where people say/are called CAS abusers…

Sure, you can get good at planes yourself or good at SPAA, etc, but it still doesnt change the fact that most CAS and most CAS players abuse/exploit a role that has a LOT of impact on the game.

And CAS is a Lot more Overpowered/effective than just their kills/assists, they have other huge impacts in the game, that are rarely talked about or considered.

But THE question is not: Are They (CAS/planes) Over powered.
The question is: How much are they Over Powered…
Anyone that thinks they are not over powered (especially of those at least moderately skilled at CAS) is a liar or incompetent. (<=== both of which are wrong, as in the opposite of correct/right/accurate)

I do not think CAS is overpowered. The number of kills a person can potentially get with a plane is far less than any tank can per spawn. Certain weapons, yes, I will admit are overpowered due to being intentionally added without adequate counters to milk whales, such as Vkhirs and Paveways.

The counters are currently insufficient, and need serious help to be made easier to learn and more effective in average player hands. Empowering counters shuts down the people doing the complaining by kicking the ball into their side of the court and expecting them to either hit it back or leave the game.

Anyone who thinks CAS is “overpowered” is obsessing over ULQ_Lover’s favorite situation of “One plane. One tank. OPEN. FIELD!!!” which is a situation in a vacuum rarely representative of reality.

Are there bad mechanics that are exploitative? Yes. CAS itself is not one of them. What is are things attached to CAS, such as:

  • Kill camera existing at all
  • Planes spawning in midair
  • Close-range helipads being within long-range missile distance to the tank map
  • Notifications covering the screen of caps changing hands being “hi I’m stationary, please bomb me!”
  • SPAAG being too hard to learn for not enough payoff for most people.
  • SPAAG being in most cases totally defenseless vs tanks even from the side, causing people who do spawn them to sit uselessly in their own spawns where they can’t really help out their team much.
  • SAMs being able to be detonated in midair by incoming ordinance.
  • The mere concept of “earning SP for ‘better’ vehicles” being inherently unbalanceable.
  • The mode so much as allowing people to queue in it without providing some kind of default counter.

Not one of those has been adjusted over the years, its been only boneheaded nerf after boneheaded nerf. With very predictable results of the people doing the whining only finding something new to whine about and never being truly satisfied.