Since new update, bombs not killing armored targets

So I play ground battles mostly, and I tried going in my SU-25 to Kill some tanks with my rockets, several direct hits and no kills. then I went into a test for my su-25 and took out some 500kg bombs; since there is a bomb computer it’s pretty easy to hit targets accurately. I dropped a 500kg bomb on the M48 in the drive and nothing happened, just a track disabled. I then dropped another and same thing. I respawned and dropped 8 500kg bombs right on top of the m48, and still no kill. I know I am not doing anything wrong, so why is this happening ?

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Got a replay? I haven’t had issues yet in my planes, but I haven’t done USSR cas since the patch.

Now you know how us in spaas feel when we kill your plane but still get shot at after you die hmm.


It seems to only be an issue on soviet planes

I’ve been killed by CAS numerous times, seems to be working as normal.

@Sweedish_Gunner @BOOM_PlanePlane I can’t upload the video here, and I apologize for the bad quality in advance but here is a link to it on youtube


I would definitely bug report that, something is not right.

Wow I really got hushed on my reply, It wasn’t even negative wtf man

I think it should reduce damage to tanks, as planes have a tremendous advantage over tanks

Explosive damage have been reduced long ago, more than half a year. Since that time, s24 can only kill tanks even light armor units by directly hit. So as bombs and any other explosives.