Simulator needs a rework.

It’s been the same for a long long time and some planes are not viable to be played in simulator at all, the maps feel too small, there are not enough ground and air targets to go for. There should be more PVE objectives so ground pounding and some planes become viable for Simulator. Playing top tier PVP it’s only furballs and you got like 5 enemies locking you at once or the other way around, there is never a fair fight since there is no real Objective in Simulator to go for so everyone tries to meet at some random point on the map.

The rewards for simulator are too low considering how complicated it is to air rb, air rb feels better for grinding when it shouldn’t be. Sometimes kills won’t even make you the repair money back unless you use a premium plane.

My idea is to create at least 2 big maps with Objectives spread around it, make base bombing worth it by increasing rewards, but also add an AWACS to give enemy locations from time to time or to make requests, this way people can track bombers and pvp will be a little bit more spread around the map, not just fur balls that are worse than air rb fights.