SIM ground battles resembling real life combats

SIM battles are the closest up to day to real life, that War Thunder has to offer (a game I love as many of you too), BUT this mode can get way better with no much effort from Gaijin…, how? , please please… for instance…, take into account that in reality not only “pretty close” Battle Rating (BR) tanks engage to each other… you see tanks nowadays in 2023… from T55s and T62Ms along with BMP2 Terminators and T72B3s and T90Ms… fighting to Leopard 1… T64s, Challengers, Abrams M1A2s and Leopards 2A6s…, not only “BR 11” tanks fight to each other…, of course generations have advantages and so on, but strategy matters a lot…, you know… a “simple WWII 75mm cannon with an AP round can easily knock out the most advanced tank in 2023 if it manages to hit it on the sides of the hull for instance…”, you saw also T72s on T62s fighitn M1A2s in Irak etc, now in Syria etc etc…, decades apart tanks fight along the most modern ones…, also consider in the owrld nations like Ecuador, Brasil etc… have fully operational but somewhat modernized with NV-thermal devices and ballistic computers… T55s -Peru- , AMX-13-105 -Ecuador, and Leopard1A1 -Brasil-… etc etc.

I know some players woould say “I don’t have much chance fighting with a low BR tank to the uppermost BR enemy tanks…”, for solving that I PROPOSE there should be 2 “queues” on SIM: one for “pretty narrow BR tank ranges… but unrealistic sim battles”… and another for “wide tanks BR as in real life”, so, a SIM player can decide to either fight on one or another type of confrontation depending on which tanks (BR) they already have grinded at the moment…

Thank you guys :)

Give the T-55 4 respawns and then we can talk about fighting Abramses in this thing.