Sim Battles for evry Br all week long

We have at the Moment Ground Sim Battles for evry br only 1s a Week means 5.0 1 time 7.0 1 time … 11-12.0 1 time how about Gaijin does it like Air got it evry BR got some Lobbys to join for Ground fights cause i love to fly my AH-64D but i only reaky like it in Sim but i can only play that 1 Time a week and thats sad also make the Ground fights longer only big maps for high br we can only join 1-3 times in the Lobby bevore we have to leaf in Air you can go as long as you want as long you got Money and the 1-2hrs arent over. Make the Price you get higher like we play hrs long in som Sim battles like Air and get 2.000 exp for a Plane comon, So in the End SIM Battles for Ground: All Week evry BR | Longer Rounds (1-2hr) | Bigger Maps the Higher the BR gets | Let Player join the Round more then 1-3 times make it like 10 | Better Prices so more Player play Sim cause the Lobbys arent that full atm | And a Idea i got is a Game round with out top tier AA since its hard to play with a AH-64D against a Pantsir-s1 with 20km range nah thx a normal 2S6 is good to go

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