Silver Lion issues

SL is very hard to get especially when F2P as the boxes almost never land on the high SL rewards. I feel like either that has to be a higher chance (it probably won’t happen), the uptiers give more rewards (more sl/rp, also probably won’t happen) or a trade system in which some player can give another player an item or something the other player wants but doesn’t have in turn for sl (would be nice)

Loot boxes aren’t the primary means of SL income.

It’s entirely vehicle-dependent, not matchmaking dependent. If you want SL, use vehicles with high SL multipliers.

Agreed, would be pretty cool.

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If boxes are your main SL source, you’re doing something wrong. Boxes are supplementary sources that you occasionally earn in battle. The best way to make SL is simply to spade vehicles 1 by 1. Especially at low tier, this makes a lot of SL and it helps you gain experience which in turn makes you play better, gaining you more SL.-


SL isn’t even hard to get and in any case it’s basically useless once you have the vehicles you want.

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The loot boxes are for players who no longer know what to do with their SL. Remember that the boxes are a kind of game of chance and the bank usually wins.

Boxes typically aren’t my main source of SL, im making a point. Most of my American planes either gain too little or can’t gain any SL when i play typically because of the br they’re at.

I know “skill issue” is a common joke, but it really is a lack of experience. You are a level 4 and these are your stats.


That is not bad. It is not bad to be a new player. But it does mean that you’re lacking experience. This is a matter of having not played enough to have experience.

This is the account of the person who initially posted this thread:


Level 55 is much more experienced than level 4, but still relatively inexperienced, so the same applies. You just need time and experience.

Also, if you and the original poster are the same person (which seems likely considering that the names are BlackSteelGod versus blacksteelgod), I highly suggest you delete one of the accounts because having more than 1 account is a violation of the terms of service.


I will only add that you can earn SL by fully researching vehicles in each tech tree. For 1 fully spaded we get 10k SL, for 5 fully spaded 25k SL, for 10 fully spaded 50k SL and for 20 fully spaded 100k SL.

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I’m literally making 70-150k per game. It’s extremely easy to grind SL right now.

This is ingame via medals but a consistent reward source for killing tanks above your BR would help alleviate some of the annoyance with dealing with full uptiers.

Mode? AB RB? Premium?

Your major SL rewards should be from boosters, there’s a multitude of sources for this. More importantly as a F2P player you need to interact with the Battlepass system so you can begin farming premium tanks and grinders.

You can complete up to 51 on the Battlepass by just doing the medium / easy tasks / logging in with relative easy. The only requirement is a Rank III+ vehicle, not hard to obtain for any nation. The Battlepass’s free vehicle is a premium, you also while grinding the battlepass get wardbonds which you can use to buy premiums in the Warbond shop. Whether these are useful or not varies BP to BP.

Having at least 2 premiums or just 1 Air / Naval and using your boosters on it will give you more than enough SL to engage with the game.

Realistic battles.

High rewards are premium.

50-100k still without premiums. I never go negative and never dip below 30k payout in a match.

With premium?

Well, yeah, but even without, you only drop by about 10-20k.

I grinded my first tech tree without spending a dime when the economy was horrible. It’s not that bad now.

And you’re not going to comfortably make good bank without spending money. The only way Gaijin can run a game like this is if you pay them money. Don’t blame them for needing to pay their workers and maintenance.

Can’t believe there aren’t more responses from other forum posters on this coincidence…


I noticed the different colors, but I didn’t want to sound dumb if they were the same account lmao

Qualify your statements when you make comment on the economy so people understand what you’re talking about.

Yes Gaijin wants people to buy Silver Lions. No you will not have Silver Lion issues if you buy premium and use premium vehicles.

No one is stating otherwise. “blame” excuses the dynamic in play, Gaijin wants you to spend real money to earn silver lions. That’s the incentive behind the game being free to play. They expect to make more money by having people play for free and then being encouraged to purchase ingame items.

It’s what players agree to playing a free to play game. War Thunder’s economy is extremely fair for the amount of content it offers.

Premium doubles the amount of SL you earn. So if you average 50k-100k, you’d average 25k-50k.

Even before I paid money when the economy was bad, I didn’t have SL issues. I just couldn’t enjoy what I wanted to play.

That’s different now.

This is my most recent battle at 11.0 without premiums where I did okay compared to usual. I still made a good amount of SL. Also, I’ve never bought SL either. That’s a waste of money and I’m pretty poor, so when I do buy a premium, I get it on sale and make sure I like it. I don’t advise buying a premium tank to grind the game. I do it because I like them and save up for it through the entire year.

If you want to grind this game, I suggest getting the 180 day premium pack for 20 dollars when it comes around during sales. That’s the only reason I have premium.

Even without it, you can still do fine though. The economy is pretty good right now even for F2P. I have several friends who don’t have premium and do fine on SL. For RP, I can understand the issue there.

I thought it only increased it by 50 percent?

You have premium.


50% increased per actions, double action time. Action time is the greater weight, it’s actually more than double.

Before the economy changes I was able to grind to top tier for both China and France without major blocks. That’s because I’m an above average player. For normal players the old economy prevented them from playing past Rank IV without spending time grinding SL at lower ranks where repair costs were manageable. With the new economy I am able to make enough SL to sustain crew training at a high level.

Yes the economy is very good right now, but for normal players they still need to “grind”. There are systems ingame that are available for F2P players to help alleviate this. One is making use of boosters and wagers by playing economical loadouts. The second is interacting with the BP system to begin collecting premiums so as to further exploit boosters and get what is normally premium only bonuses or more.

Yes premium is good value.