Silly strat bombers in Ground Battles

Am I the only one who finds it absolutely silly that fighters in Ground AB were disabled from identifying ground units because it’s “unrealistic”, when it seems that to the developers that strategic 4-engine bombers are swooping around the battlefield on precisely identified targets? Detest them, this should be reversed. Have 4-engine bombers unload on battlefield unknowing of who’s down there, and the fighters who can better “see” the targets be allowed to identify the enemy.

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It wasnt because of realism. It was because they wanted to push fighters to engage aircraft rather than ground targets.

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Ah, this realism 4 engine bomber, precisely bombs moving tanks.

Well its arcade so, yeah. I never said that was realistic, only that the removale of markers for fighters was not because of realism.


So you are saying you want fighters to be able to identify ground vehicles again?

Absolutely not. I’ve noticed that I’m not be killed by some cheap kamikaze play since gaijin made this change. Was glad when gaijin made this change.

It’s bad enough that I have to deal with planes within the first 2 minutes of a battle in addition to having them spawn behind me.

While I enjoy having mixed battles, CAS still has some items that need to be addressed and not allowing fighters to identify ground vehicles is a move in the right direction. Your suggestion moves the game backwards, not forwards.


The use of heavy bombers for CAS is a long running flaw in the game. I understand why it is done but still over 5 years on it still annoys.

It is Arcade mode - so it is arcadey (??)… shrug - you want something else go play something else.

All of CAS/Air in Arcade is flawed - not just heavy bombers.

Pretty much everything in Arcade is a flaw - from markers, to battlefield, to the forces arrayed on either side.