Silent bombs

Can someone please tell me why this game has gone from having bombs that whistle all the way to the ground, to now having bombs that not only make no sound on the way to the ground, but can hit the ground right next to or behind your tank without making any sound? How the hell are you supposed to avoid bombs that you don’t know are there?

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What BR? What bombs? What plane?

BR4.0. All planes, all bombs. On a 2.1 Corsair speaker system. Bloody annoying because most of the time with the bombs not landing in sight, the first you know that they’re there is when bits of your tank end up in several different zipcodes

The only time I’ve heard a bomb land silently is when I was flying it in so it hits the side of a tank. When on the ground I’ve been hearing them drop.

Not all things falling, whistle.

I’m well aware of that, but they did whistle on here previously, and they certainly should make a significant audible “thud” when they hit the ground near you.

Never heard a thud, not even when I had a bomb land on me directly and get stuck.

I’m more confused because I, although rarely, get ghost bombs. Mostly 2000bl … I see the aircraft coming. But no bomb being dropped. Seconds later … boooom …

Bombs did have a whistle and then they introduced some spatial audio system that makes it so that if your tank doesn’t have openings in the direction of the bomb or if you are standing near something that might be obstructing direction to the bomb, you don’t hear it, because obviously sound is a linear experience xD

I’ve had situation where the bomb dropped from high altitude whistles for a fraction of a second right before it lands next to me, even when I’ve seen it dropped along multiple others from heavy bomber that I saw while being in SPAA, because there was a sizeable rock or a single story building in front of me. it’s as if there’s something in front of your hull, the bomb whistle gets muffled.